Wednesday, June 06, 2012

See EGGMAN on the BIG screen! Wreck It Ralph!

Special Announcement!
See Eggman in the movies! Could this be the biggest cameo yet for a Sonic character?

Eggfans may celebrate when they see what's going on with the new movie Wreck It Ralph. It's coming from Disney, is all CG, and will appear in November of 2012. The first trailer is online now, and Eggman's right there! Check it out :

He's an actual character that moves around, not some background image, caricature, reference, or name-drop as most cameos are. Will he talk? Will he play a part? In the 'villain support group' so far just Zangeif says something. But you can spot a Pacman ghost (the orange one--is that Clyde?) as well as M. Bison. There are other villainous types like a zombie and maybe a vampire/dark elf or somesuch. Plus an 'evil robot' but it's nothing Eggman made. Will we see...SONIC??

Mario Fans! You're not left out...there's Bowser too!

Only time will tell if the heroes show up.
What kind of strange miracles did Disney have to pull to get Sega, Capcom, Nintendo and whoever made QBert & Packman to say yes to all this? Heck, Sega can't even reign in its own things good enough to free Ray, Mighty, Metal Knuckles & The Tails Doll from their legal mire...and that's their OWN GUYS. Who knows what took place here.

Wreck it Ralph has been known about for some time, though not that much press. It was thought of as 'interesting' because it had such potential to tap at video game society and really be fun.

Who else can you spot here?
What are the parodies?

There ARE more, post if you know 'em!
Someone said that Zombie is an actual one from something because of the double wield axes.

Interesting stuff to see!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Store Time Commentary 2

The SonicGear Store had a good big update last week.
Links were fixed, and MANY new clothing items were added. I was happily surprised in the amount of things that had not gone wrong there. Usually the store becomes a wasteland of blinking orange things if you let it alone at all. I guess this means that places are recognizing the fandom and actually stocking up on stuff.

The shirts (well I am a shirt collector) are also great news. Few of them were able to be re-established (especially the 'fitted' things) but way more were added. I guess some of the shirts are phasing out? All the more reason to grab it when you see it, I guess. The links/descriptions are still there for them...I'm not positive that they wouldn't be coming back so...maybe next update.

The store still will need another update...likely this week.
I want to get everything in line before Sonic's birthday. Archie has been busy with books too, so that all needs to get on there...considering splintering off the page with regular 'book books' to separate it away from the strictly "everything here's Archie" area because really, it's getting giant.

Not that that's's actually great to have that compilations & things available to everyone who doesn't own the whole thing of back issues. It also occurs to me it'd take up less space too. It may also let people cash in on their old Sonic comics while still "keeping" all the stories by buying the cheaper compilations they sell off the costly original books.

Speaking of books...Item of the Week:
Japanese/English Sonic art book of unknown. What's this thing's title? What else is in it? Why is it in Eng & JP? The book itself remains an enigma, but since the content can actually be read, it's really interesting to see.

"Sonic 2 brought a height change for Sonic"
"Sonic 2 let Tails to be the cute one while Sonic was more saucy/cool/tough"

Everyone always says "well Modern/Classic was Sonic's only design alteration"...well no...that thing is living proof he had it in Sonic 2. The ratio was 1:2 then 1:2.5 (That's head size vs height) Granted, it was small, but it still happened and didn't wreck up anything. I also highly approve of that role for Tails. The cuteness could go for him, so they could concentrate on Sonic being cool. There's nothing wrong with being cute alongside of being cool. Sonic & Tails are a great mascot pair with fantastic balance, and always have been. Very nice to see it was set up that way.

The monkey's name was "wookie".

Spelling Strangeness:
Notice all the little animals have oo in the name. How does this operate? Why did it translate that way? OO does what...nothing in Japanese? That's why we got Majin Buu instead of Majin Boo because the O always says its name (Majin Boo = Majin Bow) if you run with the translator literally. I guess "Tuukie" or whatever would just be odd...but it's curious to see double o's everywhere. I guess it's some kind of theme, like how the first crop of animals all had "y" at the end of the name. (Ricky, Picky Pecky etc

7 Foot Super Sonic Doll
I think for sure, it's the biggest doll yet/ever. It's sure bigger than the win-able only BestBuy prize doll. It's just too bad it looks.......bad. Can you imagine a good plush at that size? Sure it'd hog up the house but it would be amazing to see.

That's got to be a first.'s got no real category to go into. It's not Retail Display, it's not an Event nor is it a Place you could gather at. There just is literally nowhere 'proper' to place it. That'll change if anything else happens that's this size...hopefully it's the first of many!
So fantastic to see Sega promo-ing things again. They've been waaay too quiet lately, or with goofy schemes like the Werehog that did harm to Sonic in the (non fandom, average joe, random public) eye.

In all, a successful update that cleared out even more old mail (clocks!) Things are running not only smoothly, but interestingly, as this post shows.

Next week:
Hopefully more of the same. Before then? Likely store stuff.