Monday, June 06, 2011

Fixin' Up Update

This update was a good one.
It didn't have a ton of items, but it did have a ton of fixes. Info was added, items were moved & broken things were repaired. 2 pages fixed up, several image problems remedied and batches of 'where to get it' info too. Kmart shirt...hmmm...

Yes, the mail was light this week.
GOOD. It was quite a relief to be able to catch a break and do all the little extras that needed doing all in one shot. It may not be flashy and highly visible, but the site is better for it, that's for certain. Plus, me actually getting to get a rest is very good as well.

Does this mean it's out of stuff?
NO! There's loads of stuff left in the old mail. A 2nd update is possible, just to add more things for the week, but the numbers are still up around 190something and 240something worth of old letters containing items, so there is certainly no shortage.

Item of the week:
Sonic Boom. It's actually an event and not an item, and it's only on Wanted Gear because it hasn't happened yet. It's Sega's 20th anniversary 'party' of some kind where items may be given out and demos run for Generations. Naturally it's in California, so hopefully some Gear lookers/readers can attend and send a photo if anything interesting occurs or is given out. It's likely to be really games-based, which Gear doesn't cover because other sites do it better. Still, I'm curious about it.

Next week:
More mail bag which means randomness. If the new mail is light again, 'show pages' will appear to cover all of Sonic's serieses and disks/vhs/etc that were also made. Probably fortified with watchable youtube videos for extra action. This section is needed, and has been in the works for a while so hopefully the opportunity can come up to actually do it next week.