Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Helps Wreck the Update

SonicGear may be a world-wide profile of awesome Sonic merchandise but...
That doesn't mean that SonicGear HQ is immune to the troubles of (certain parts of) the world. In this instance, it's Tropical Storm: Fay. Downgraded from a hurricane it was still enough to put out the power a bunch of times during when the update was supposed to take place. This caused the update to only feature 1 new page (it was supposed to have 2) and be delayed until wed.

As you may or not know, Gear usually updates on a sun or mon night...which was when this stupid storm decided to strike. The next opportunity to update didnt come until wed, but that's not all!

Because of a failure of an UPS that was only a bit over a year old (still within range of it being expected to work) the entire second half of the update was LOST. A whole mess of work on the "Costume Characters" page went right down the drain when the PC shut off and lost the save. Oddly, the NEXT time the power went out, the UPS worked fine. (when there wasn't anything to save...or lose)

Without real mid-week time to repair this (AKA do all of it over again......) that will be delayed until the next upcoming update. The other new page may also have to take a back-seat due to the mail. A whole rash of people sending in THREE and FOUR emails all at once with difficult to trace pilfered pictures and things they 'forgot' is also gobbling up time for anything new. Trying to piece together disjointed information across many emails AND check up on who they ripped off is no easy task. Meanwhile older submitters (at the bottom of the email pile) are quite in the neglected catagory still. (I hope they are not getting mad)

So basically this week is a bit of a wash for updates and progressing with the mail box. Hopefully, that'll be remedied with this upcoming update. But what's likely to be on it? If the new page comes, it'll be "SonicGear: Arcade". That will mean moving some items off of pages (so look out for new things to replace the moved items), and throwing on tons of new content! This page will be a real fun chance to see the different Sonic themed arcade machines from around the world. Also making it unusual, it will be quite nearly complete when it debuts!

Plushes may also get thrown in there, but a mail-bag toss-up is most likely. Hopefully "Go Away Fay" is in the forecast too (as of this post, the storm is stalling over the state)