Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Test Update- Effective?

Well, the PC has returned.
The good news (well) is that the entire RAM broke. All of it, in one go, just expired. That'd certainly put a kink in the plans then, wouldn't it? Fortunately, it was an easy (and inexpensive) enough fix for the shop. They pulled out the broken one, and added in a new. You couldn't tell the old is broken in any way. It shows no sign of it. It also causes me to want to destruct it in some creative way for being so terrible, but likely it'll just end up in the recycle bin.

With the PC working again, a small update appears.
It would have been larger, but the new Golive remains un-cooperative. Any new page can't be saved (it ignores all commands regarding it) so any full category just has to be left alone. The remaining hope is XP Mode and the old software.

Likely, the next couple of updates will be somewhat botched-up regarding credit to photo senders and letter-responses. A lot of the items are separated from their emails now, and are old and horribly buried among the other items of the inbox due to lack of updates to clear anything out, so do bear with it and if something goes awry, just write in to get it fixed. (or, wait around and it may fix itself) Also, don't expect sent items to appear right off, stuff's going to have to sit a while to get everything cleared. (however, it'll all still go up!)

Next update:
Likely another mini one. Should have more misc. items and possibly minor update to the new Jazwares stuff. No new pages is a serious hinderance to progress, so the troubles aren't all over yet, but there's hope. Blog will update no matter what, and will stay current with progress (even if its not announced with a date-change on the site)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update Delay 2 - PC in Shop

Well update is delayed again.
Usually it'd be going up at this time of the week, but the PC is now in for repairs. Whatever went wrong last time, went so wrong that it won't even turn on. There's nothing I can do when it gets that it has to be repaired. Won't know the source/problem/outcome until monday. This was a majorly unexpected lameness, to be sure. Mail continues to pile in.

When will the update occur?
Unknown. I would have to guess at the LATEST next week, at this time. I'm hoping to be able to do SOMEthing about an update whenever it gets back from repairs. All the stuff -should- still be on it, and it should still be ready to go, it just depends when they can fix it and get it back by. Hopefully the work-load will be such that I can work an update in there too.

News update:
Well if you came here for Sonic the hedgehog news recently, you'd of been out of luck. (yea imagine that on a Sonic blog, yikes...) So, in the effort of being at least somewhat entertaining and not some blasted bullitain of problems...

Allstars Racing Sonic Figs. & vehicles will be 12.99 each (!)
Mini figure-racers will be $4.99 each (about expected)
They should be showing up at Toys R Us this week online & in stores

I have to say that the 12.99 is a bit of sticker shock.
I was expecting maybe 9 or so at the highest 10 something, but 13?? I question this because the singles ran around 5, and its the SAME guy, they just opened his hands. Which makes the vehicle 6 bucks. Seemed kind of odd against their lowball prices on the 3inchers/figure alone, but that is only 'previous expectation' talking. However, I DO think that the line will be worth its while, and should be bought on sight. They're only going to get more expensive later (as has been the trend with every Sonic figure...well, ever made really, even the lousy 6inch TI line went up) and the vehicles DO look good. My first impression remains this will be a good set, and I can't wait to review them.

Will I 'catch 'em all'?
Yes. I'll be getting both the minis and the figs/vehs. I don't really care that it's a duplicate Sonic, plus having an 'open hands Sonic' will be good for other projects.

Photos are coming out of toy fare of supposedly 'improved' JW plushes. They may be 'altered' but it can't be called an improvement. (oy!)

The bottom line:
Some kind of update is hoped for on tues/wed/thurs around that general area if all goes well in the shop/barring disasters. The blog WILL post again no-matter-what.