Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Big Update & Sonic X Comic Weigh In

The update was going to be a "Grinch" style update...
With only mutants, bootlegs and generally terrible items, to be followed the next day by a cool update full of things people actually WANT to see, as a type of special treat double holiday update.

However this upcoming week, I'll be working thru xmas, so that couldn't happen. Instead, I used the update to pack in as much stuff as possible, for a super big update to entertain everyone. The 'present' happened the week before, with the cookie cutter, so it would appear in a timely fashion if anyone was baking Christmas/Hanaka/Kwanzaa/Solstice cookies and it wouldn't show up too late.

I kept the bootleg stuff out of the update totally, and only did the one mutant. Shirts, by far, was the largest with 9 entries, some of which are variants of pre-existing things. And even then, there's 2 shirts missing from the known list. TopHeavy really seems to be in high gear at this point, flooding the fans with some really interesting things. This is great, because the shirts aren't super rare, super expensive, or lame. They're within everyone's reach.

The others were a scattering of things, with the most notable being the Sonic rug. Yes it's the first rug, and it had only been rumored to exist, previously. It's actually pretty decent. A side effect of the big update is that the mail is down to 60, with several more set to go next week. If everything remains calm, the email should really work down, and lead to the revision/new Sonic Videos.

Likely before that will be some tinkering with the comic section, as Sonic X comic is ending and getting replaced with a new series. This is likely due to the fact that the X book could never "Go anywhere" with the plot. The show had a linear plot leading toward an end, and if it were to follow that, they couldn't do anything more once they got to the end. Instead, the book was forced to tinker around and generate filler/side-plot type stories that took place in the Sonic X continuity.

The X comic was essentially doomed to run in a circle since day 1. The only question was 'how long would that entertain everyone?' By the end of the show things got pretty hairy as well, into territory goody 2 shoes Archie might dare not tread on their pages. The answer to the question is apparantly "40 issues".

The replacement comic could be good news, depending on how it's handled. With it's first issue not yet on the shelves, it remains to be seen...

With Christmas on the way this week as well as Hanaka, hopefully Sonic gifts are under the tree and near the Menorah for everyone who celebrates! (though Solstice I think was the 21st or so...) Happy holidays to everyone, from SonicGear!