Thursday, November 01, 2012

Archie Sonic...Does Things

It's not all Archie!
Another timely update this week, rather uneventful as all the Halloween/costume type stuff had been expended on the previous update. The Archie bit (at bottom) has a curious price point after it. However this one wasn't without an interesting piece...

The last piece, actually!
That elusive & unusual "Carls Jr" fast food slide show viewer toy set is now complete. A very watchful (must be like an archaeologist or something of ebay) fan finally (after how many years is it now?) uncovered a photo for the "Tails Slide Viewer", plus the clear bag all those came in.
While it IS 'some regular fastfood toy', they were remarkable because of their un-common-ness. This doesn't make them worth a fortune, it just makes them rare to see & hard to buy if you want one.

The other thing of old-note is the Sonic 2 pre order cap hat...
Remember, back in "the olde cartridge days of yore" pre orders weren't this big deal that they are now. Stores weren't scrambling to give extra content or stuff like that...which helps the hat be rare. Also in its corner is the all-embroidery design and the fact it had 2 designed areas. This wasn't some cheapo giveaway thing like coaster, they had to put effort into it.

Display figures:
Finally got all the photos in for that 20th Anniversary ring thing by Jazwares. Why so long? I had to find one that didn't have flaws on the figures because I wanted to keep it MIB. Since it's static you can't pose it /play with it/use it in the box is really well done so it just looks nice long as all the paint is applied properly, neither Sonic rubbed off onto the other one, and no dirt.

Italy also got more stuff this week (good to help fill up the page a bit), and the mail is down by 1. Not wild progress but over-all better, and at least on-time with some interesting things.

Onward to Archie!
Well by now anyone onto/fan of this series knows that their flagship character Sally is getting re-designed somehow. It's a Sega-forced move (oddly...they didn't care about her for years, why start now?) and it's still undetermined if any of their other "Furries" AKA "Short stubby humans covered in fur who have enormous heads" are going to be getting the re-design treatment.

Fan freakout incoming?
What sort of fallout will happen? Any at all? The readers of their books are notoriously Sally-centric as she was by far their best designed character, who, in the early days, was in fact, a better character than Sonic himself there. Certainly better than Tails or Knuckles. While that didn't sit right with some fans, others couldn't get enough. Very curious to what the reaction will be.

Archie Items Incoming!
Without a doubt, Archie is turning up the making of more stuff. You've got the "Encyclopedia" (necessarily probably because of their heaps of odd continuity and tendency to spam out loads of chars), lots of new 'collections' & more stuff I want to try to get onto the Gear Book Store.

Point of interest:
While flooding out items is all right...there are 2 points of interest for the seeking (on the internet) 2 covers have been changed because of copyright somethingorother. The "Crossover Special" (it was really weird ..Spawn got in there I think but did literally nothing) and "RoboGalactus" where they like....totally ripped off Galactus/Marvel by like...dressing up Robotnik in his costume for...who even knows why...laffs? so they had to black out some stuff and use excessive blur on others.
Why? They probably would've had to give money to renew the copyright lend or whatever they had to cross these guys over initially. It was all pretty much gaggy/mega pointless/spoofy/gimmickey-hey-lookie stuff wonder they didn't want to.

Sooooo (Curious point)
The originals of these will now go up in price. Since they CANT do an exact copy any more, the originals are now unique. Watch for that in your own collection. If you see /want/care the originals, buy them NOW before everyone else gets wind of this change. The replacements will still be OK if you need to know what's going on, but the collections/compilation books w/e are now just JUST that, they don't match & never will.

Best gag:
When the spawnmower was pushed into the mcfarlane of the highway during a race.

ZOMG 90s XTREME hardcore meh. /post