Monday, December 19, 2016

Catch-Up Gallery Update - Big on Stuff

Since the regular part of SonicGear, the gallery pages, had been neglected (sort of) for so long, it was time for a double day make-up update with loads of stuff.
That's what happened this week, even though the store still needs more work. Of course, it's the holidays too which makes things even more hectic/harder to update...but it's also the time when people want to see more Sonic stuff & buy more stuff too so it puts the site in a bit of a pinch.

Theme: Things in Tins
What an odd theme...3 things in tins for the week. (Socks, sandwiches & a game/bonus items) Tins are generally a good idea anyway because they're re-usable and there always seems to be some little Sonic things to contain in them. They're better than cardboard & can't be eaten by a silverfish.

Abundance of Items:
Working on the store generally brings a flood of new items too because stuff that's buried on Amazon or just didn't get sent in turns up while searching things to repair the links in the store. This time is no different, so there are many more weeks of larger-than-average updates to go before it all appears.

More Store:
The store (alas) isn't finished with fixing. Clothing (3 pages, its a nightmare to keep sorted) Books needs helped again, Halloween stuff isn't done, plush has undone some of the work, the main store page needs much more done as does likely the action figures area. It seems unending but everyone feels it is very useful & with the abundance of fakes clogging Amazon searches it serves an important purpose. The work must go on.

Christmas Easter egg:
Santa is in this week's update. (That is, he appears in a picture) If you can find him you get 1 elf point.

Is anything particularly exciting?
No...? The 'Boom embargo' is still in the process of lifting, so a few new things here and there are starting to pop up, like the Teeturtle tees bringing the update to 'modern clothing' after many months of nothing. All the stuff turned up in the store searching is pretty standard gear. More backpacks, tees, hats, and just usual stuff you'd kind of expect. There's nothing astonishing or amazing, like when the Espio plush was released & looked great.

2 New Big Brands though!
1. Kid Robot:
Yes they're making some classic Sonic vinyls now. Why aren't they exciting? Well, they're tiny, they're blind boxed, and you end up having to spend 30 dollars for 2 of them. So like 15 dollars each for an under-2-inch item. RIP. OFF.
Oh and one of them's just a ring on a peg so you don't even get a character & you can't control whether you get it or not. Sure the idea is good but the price is just so poor that matching it with the loss of control of which one you get & it's just irritating.

2. Build a Bear
Build a Bear, the famous mall-store of 'stuff your own plush' picked up Sonic as a brand. He's fair. BAB stuff tends to be 'fair'. The quality is certainly above average, but because it has to be 'stuff it yourself' it also has some limits placed on the sculpt of the item. They previously had My Little Pony, but with ball-shaped heads, fan pony plushes would often beat the BAB look.

It's good to see Sonic getting big brand attention though, so despite the expense, these 2 are real good news anyway.

Next Week:
May be over a week. No update Sunday because that's Christmas day. However, possibly the store during the week. The next update will certainly have Japan school stuff, USA school stuff & new USA clothing.