Monday, September 08, 2008

Sonic Gear Solid Update

A good solid update this time.
No real clear theme, but it did what it was there for: get the mail down under 50 messages. The mail has been behaving this week and somewhat the one before, allowing this nice advance. If this keeps up, good things can be on the way soon!

This week, mutants got another hit, with an ugly keychain and a stupid looking doll. The calander of crud also had another hit, this time with snowman Tails. To this day I dont know why plushes suffer more mutants than anything else...I mean, even if you DONT count the calander of crud which ToyNetwork is solely responsible for.

The interesting thing this round was that an item was able to be pulled off of 'international unknown' and went into Archie Comics mini-series. It turns out the "Cards" were actually the fronts of Comic Shop News newspapers. It's also helpful to note that the arc in them was then compiled in a super-special so that regular collecters could get it. (people dont tend to hoard old newspapers--making that set rare-er) It's always good to solve an unknown item--and that wouldn't be possible without the help of the fans!

Also was able to get rid of a 'mondo mail' this of the more difficult ones with many images from many different catagories, so that's a big help. Nothing all that revolutionary aside from the move on this one though.

Next update will likely be clothing OR japan stuff. The ties are still lurking, as are a few vintage and current shirts, but there's another mondo mail full of japan things that's got to go on. However for sure Arcade is going to get another hit of pictures. Hopefully that section is about wrapped up by now, at least until they invent something else. An unheard-of-from-before country may also make an appearance...