Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mini Party Update

In preparing this sunday's update for, I decided to do a mini update for the USA Party Supplies.

This page recieved an alert to tell people that the supplies are vintage, and you can't just go to a store and get them. This was necisary, because several fans and fan-helpers had written in looking for the items. Hopefully this will clear it up, and also hopefully they'll release some nice Sonic X stuff, as obviously there's quite a demand for Sonic the Hedgehog Party supplies. (who knew?) Your best bet is, of course, ebay for the vintage stuff.

The update contains one lonely photo of a Sonic & Tails cake topper. It wasn't going to fit in with any other update, and it seems a shame to just leave the photo sit, so why not do a surprise mini update?

What's the fuss about preparing the update early? Metal Force! Look foreward to it on sunday.