Monday, February 22, 2016

ToyFair 2016 Sonic Items - Slightly Lackluster?

This week's Gear update sees more out of ToyFair 2016 in the USA.
However...nothing super exciting or surprising seems to be coming out of the photos. Sure there's good...and okaaay...nothing awful, but nothing super amazing either. Skip to the middle for non TF topics.

A rundown:
Big size Tomy Classic Sonic - missing the ear edges he doesn't look quite right. There are also a zillion big classic Sonics.

First 4 Figures Tornado Plane Statue- Good to see this outside F4F studio. However, it's already been known/announced & has tons of photos so it isn't a surprise. Of course, it's amazing to look at and so is a real draw at Toyfair.

Comic Pack w/pvc figures - These slightly subpar figures are having their zillionth release. Tons of chances to fix the 'shine dot' in the eye and nobody ever takes it, leaving them looking odd.

Figures & Coins- The first thing Tomy's done that actually measures up to Jazwares! These will be the equivalent of their small line classics. If the materials & paint hold up from proto to release, this will be a good way to get small classics if you missed Jazwares. Plus, they add an EXCELLENT looking Knuckles. The coin's flaws are the dates for the characters & Tails' missing eyes. (Sort of creepy, def. unfinished looking that way)

ReSaurus, the first Sonic figure maker ALSO had coin like 'bases' for the figures...some of which ALSO were missing the eyes in this exact way.

More little bighead booms: Yes

Metal Sonic 'regular' plush: Can't classify this! Because Boom didn't 'boomstyle' MS, very much, and the transition of MS from classic to modern also didn't do much AND the fact that the doll is kind of wiggly/blobby as plushes generally are....well...

The common theme here though seems to be that there kind of aren't any surprises.
Everyone's seen the Tornado, the PVCs, knew more little bigheads were coming, and because the focus is on classic...well, all this dolls have come and gone multiple times in the past. 2 of 3 new figures being 're releases' also add to the pile.

Old is ok:
Don't mistake it for a it's important to maintain classic type stuff AND have re-releases now and then to keep things going for new fans & new collectors. It's also good for buyer's prices.

But new is good too:
However, focusing only on stuff people may already have, and not surprising anyone is not the best either. Balancing surprises with utility can satisfy all fans

Reports continue of Tomy's bad packaging:
90% of ALL Boom toys found at clearing retailers like Ross TJ Maxx DD Discount Marshalls are missing pieces. Either figures are stolen or the items are flat out broken in their packages. This is due to the open box-top design and easily theivable figures. Everyone reports this, who is reporting.

Opinion Zone:
Not impressed with Toyfair.

Modern Shirts Sadness:
It looks like what people worried about has happened. The only modern shirts being made now are BOOM ONLY. Notice how everything new that people found in late 2015 and 2016 is all neoclassic, actual classic or Boom. Does this mean that all clothing companies have had the modern license taken away in favor of Boom? It seems likely.

Next week:
Guaranteed to see a fairly scary Knuckles and the continuation of bad packaging