Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas is on the way

As you know, Christmas is on the way, next week, infact!
If you havn't shopped for Sonic stuff, it will soon be too late. This week's update provides you plenty of things to add to the old wish list, if you're into redecorating your home. I still say that Sonic The Hedgehog + Home Decor is an odd combo, but it's still appealing--if unexpected. There's the usual vintage bed-stuff...and some frusterating throw-pillows.

The throw pillows are a classic example of HORRID marketing. Where the heck are these things? NO ONE sees them. They're not advertised, they have no web page, no company is out there broadcasting itself...yet here are these great embroidered pillows everyone wants. So far, all you can do is jump on ebay and play the annoying bidding game while you know the buyer is jacking up the price from "Twilight-Zone Store" or wherever they unearthed them. Gah! It shouldn't be so darn difficult to spend your money.

Had to toss up a few random things as well...
But "Random" catagory is getting a bit out of control. 2 pages loaded with miscelaneous junk. Something's gotta branch off again, just to decide what?

Next week will of course, be the Xmas update. And there's some fun holiday-theme Sonic items on the way to make sure yours is merry! If you don't celebrate Xmas, it's still good to look at anyway, because it has Sonic. New features are planned for after the new year as well, to serve you even better with Sonic in 07!