Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Week Update Progress

The birthday week is well on the way!
Each update has been on time (so far) with a good amount of stuff. You can probably see a small trend there with the amount of stuff that is unknown (like...even what it is) That stuff tends to just sit around in the image bins which are being cleared up by all these updates. Hopefully someone will eventually find something they recognize, and the items can be moved/described properly.

The thing that's been the best documented so far out of the items for all the updates was (fortunately) the new Archie book/compilation thing. Lots of good photos, lots of description so people can get an idea of what's really in there. Hopefully it'll come up on Amazon or something, so it can go into the Gear store for easy access. With book & comic shops getting rare-er, it's important to have an online buying option for stuff like this. It's down to only 1 book store here within reasonable distance...and it doesn't even always have everything/anything you need. (So I know how that goes)

Every day has also gotten a new page.
The pages aren't all-all new, they've all just been "add a number to..." some already existing category, but good hallmarks like these are a usual for the update week.

What's up with the pull back n' go racer?
Certainly, the Sega Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (the sequel to just regular AllStars Racing) will bring an opportunity for new toys because the vehicles all have boat & plane modes to shake up the gameplay. It doesn't seem like a JW item, but really...JW has handled everything else for such a while now, I don't know why they'd bring in some other company.

It's been wondered:
Are they going to make another toy-mistake with the new Racers? As in, letting out racers that no one wants, like AiAi & Amigo. Note- it's not that NO ONE wanted them, it's just the demand for them was super slow so they ended up just sitting on shelves and creating the dreaded "Toy Hold" in areas which ruined people's chance at getting Free Riders because "Since irrelevant monkys don't sell well, I guess kids in this area hate Sonic". Yes it makes no everyone's hoping it doesn't happen again.

What's to come?
Still got the whole rest of the week to go! That means more old mail will be dug through. What surprises might be lurking in the letters? Who knows. Not even me....because stuff that came in at the rate of like 20 letters in a week wouldn't get seen, just kept. The goal is to get into all those old ones and post up all the stuff people sent in. So if you sent something ages ago, be on the lookout for it to appear! (nothing ever gets thrown out, it's all kept till it goes on, or gets a 'it missed' letter because someone beat it to the punch)

"No Subject Line Emails"
There have been at least 10 of these this week. Remember! NONE of those even get opened! You must write something into the subject line if you want it to get looked at. There's waaaay too many virus emails, bad links, and fake ads being dispensed by people's over-taken in-boxes to risk opening such mails. Just noting out a reminder because there seemed an unusual amount of them.