Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back 2 School Update

Well every year there is one...

A back to school update. This year is a tad sparse, but at least it happened. Sonic school supplies are quite in demand, if you did not realize. Unfortunately, they're also hard to get (as it seems are most things people are clamoring for...there's such money to be made but as we know companies love to just ignore it) I didn't know whether to do it this week or next, but hey, this week is as good as any.

Also this week are actual shots of 2 of the JUVIs, which, I'm still having trouble with the price-point on. Yeah sure MS was collectible/exclusive/etc but essentially everyone will be shelling out $10 for a head-swapped repaint for every JUVI they want. The curiosity point is (the initial photos for these were MASSIVE) if you looked closely at them, it appeared that the eyes were 'drawn on' (have sketchy qualities) in order to get the shot. It'll likely be fixed but it's mysterious as to why this would be done.

Funny Thing of the week:
The SPORE Sonic spontaneously generating small, squeeky versions of itself.

Impressive item:
Has to be the 3inch line. Which I hear is more like 3.75 inch. Box shots and figure shots came in and the boxes are impressive. With sculpted bubble (sort of a flame/swirl shape) they'll be really really hard to bootleg if anyone ever got the inclination. Much like ReSaurus, that should protect these guys. Also, the packaging is classy/colorful enough as well, it'll be sure to attract eyes on the shelf. It's not boring or over-busy. The figures themselves seem to be living up to what's been said with 12pts articulation each.

Next week:
Hopefully turn arounds/hands on of these figures. The problem may come if they DONT put the special comic pack near the figure area/aisle. Since it's TRU exclusive as well, it's up to the store on where it goes...but TRU isn't really known for 100% wise decisions on where to put stuff.