Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why does the USA get no Generations Bonus?

A good, usual update again.
Wrong time of the week...but oh well to it, everything went on. A good variety of stuff with Sonic Generations leading the way. (as it should be, just after a release)

However, all is not well among Sonic Generations fans.
Why does the USA NOT get ANYthing at all bonus-wise for this game? (I mean physical items, those Xbox 360 avatar costume (NOT costumeS...only 1 is here) Why did every other region get something special except the USA? (And possibly Canada, waiting on confirmation from someone there if it was left out in the cold too)

You'll also note Korea making its debut on this update with an item--namely, their own special bonus disks released with Generations. Korea gets stuff all the time, make no mistake--it's just that they tend to not get things that are made there exclusively, or released there exclusively. Like how a lot of times "Europe" in general will get something, it's not something Netherlands specific where it needs it's own page/notifications etc. They share stuff with other release areas and that's normal & good.

Just look at that awesome deluxe Xbox package Europe got!
Why does EVERYwhere not get that? Is Japan upset? We already know the USA is having a fits over it (well deserved fits I do say, you know that'll be hiiiighly collectible) There are many theories including

1. It's the complainers fault.
If everyone wasn't constantly whining about how "Sonic could be better done in games" then, we would of got a bonus package. (the fans are unworthy of bonuses or deluxe opportunities)
2. It's forum hate spewers / troll fault
People are yelling like rabid howler monkies on the Sega forums! Punish the entire country by denying bonus items to everyone to "teach those trolls a lesson"
3. The USA got pre-order bonuses on other Sonic things that did badly.
Since the pre-order & bonus grabber record here is so poor, no one will bother to offer bonuses because Sonic fans clearly don't care about Sonic items.
4. The USA is always getting bonus items while other countries don't. It should punish.
Every time a land (it doesn't matter where) gets denied cool stuff / free stuff / super deluxe expensive package stuff the people there are usually hopping mad. The USA has a generally all-right track record of obtaining such bonuses, while not everywhere elses' record is so good...punish it to "even the score"!

Which one is true?
Who knows, but the only one that's 98% to be false is #3. Generations broke records on its pre-order list tally.

So what's the big malfunction here?
Only Sega knows the real reason. But being ' left out of' physical stuff is different than virtual stuff. That Casino Night HD zone preorder bonus? You know they'll release that sucker later on, either as a pay download, or on some deluxe cash-in version of Gens later on. Same with the wacky avatar costumes. The physical stuff will never see the light of day, unless it's on ebay's bidding block.

All internet theory-gathering aside though...
Item of the week:
Macy's Sonic Float Balloon Preview- Great float! He's shockingly on-model and looks amazing! Too bad plush companies can't get their items as right as this. It's fantastic to see him too, a great way to popularize Sonic since the parade is such a big deal.

The mail is doing well yet again!
Everything that came in, went on, and the total is down more too. It'll start paying off next week where at least 2 new pages will appear. Havn't had one of those in quite a while! That's because everything else was too busy to be able to work in anything new. One page sorts, while the other one presents new things. Both are totally new categories--so that's something to look forward to. Hopefully mail remains good.