Monday, October 06, 2014

It Sounds Poochie To Me

The title of this post is an opinion!
So uh oh, it's time for the Opinion Zone right away. I would be veeeeeeery curious who else shares the opinion though. It also brings up a relic from the past! So, wackyness will ensue inside this post. If you want to pass the opinion head to the bottom. However, first a definition must be posted so...

Who is Poochie?
He's the parody dog character on The Simpsons that has become the icon for "things people really want to be cool, but try so hard or are dumb...that they are not cool or the opposite of cool". Here is a picture of Poochie
here is a concept of him
He's "The Rappin' Surfer Dog", which also tells you more of what you needed to know about him without even visiting the links.

He generally represents things thought up by goonish executives or 'out of touch' people that they would like for 'to be cool' but then aren't, because they are "Try Hards".

Actual Item Opinion Zone
Sonic Boom Talking Plush - Says 5 Phrases from the Game
This doll went up this week. It's 20 bucks, it's not that large, and pressing the belly dot makes him talk. I heard it this week for the first time, and it spawned the blog post title. The doll SOUNDS POOCHIE. Whoever the voice is, however it comes out & the very "meme-like" nature of the phrases all combines into just such a cheezy feel to me.
Memes aren't funny unless you know what they're referencing. "Shhh its a dramatic moment" is not inherently hilarious. Maybe it's a laff a minute once you see the show, but a doll that says that is just "what.".

It's not like talking dolls /figures are some pinnacle of interactive intellectualism or something. "Are you ready champ? Let's go!" and "This is happenin'" are memorable ones from previous products. Nobody is expecting them to be, but something about the doll sounds phony or try-hard. Maybe it's the memes "Its time to take IN the trash!", maybe it's the VA...but I don't like that thing.

Beware of Awesome Possum:
Once, a long time ago, there was a game called "Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machine-o's Butt".

Yes, they were serious, the villain was actually named "Dr. Machine-o".
I played a rental of the game, it is real, and it's just as annoying as you would think it is. You should try to find a video or something of it if you are really bored. Anyway Awesome Possum CONSTANTLY jibber-jabbered his Xtreme COOLZ phrases all the time when you played. He was also this hugely poochie character with "tons of attitude!" and he did "Everything the coolest way possible!" because he was "Just so great at saving the forest!"

Awesome Possum is basically who Sonic would have been had people been stupid.
If Sonic had been handled (at the start, thru SA) by out of touch dumb people, he'd of been AP / Poochie. Crash Bandicoot is a more successful variety of this. "Wow a 'non traditional animal hero' that is SO cool & fights some robot/mad doctor" However, because Crash tried harder to be unique & had some games that were decently fun for a while, he didn't get burned down in history.

Boom Game-
Clearly (from the trailers) has A LOT of voices. The characters being 'chatty' has already been raised as an issue. It's already pulling in 1 Awesome Possum point. Since this isn't SonicTeam making it, my big fear is that they think Sonic & co. are actually Poochie and will treat them to an x-treme coolz awesome game with Pinkie Pie Pony = Sticks the Badger because hey those ponies sure are popular, and clearly Pinkie Pie is the best one so we need her in our game.

Balance kept another week:
Boom stuff hits shelves, Boom stuff gets to Gear, but other sections just keep updating along side it. That's the way it went this week, thats the way it should stay. As predicted, a batch of new Sonic shirts are showing up because a change of season tends to bring out a change of clothes. (Yes they are short sleeve items, winter/fall weather doesn't actually seem to affect the clothing type that appears)

Next week: Maybe a new page for the store (Music) and maybe in between a bit of an index page fix up. The fix up may trigger another blog post as well.