Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bootleg Mania Update...

This week's update billed itself as a 'variety' update but the most part went into bootleg junk.
Mostly junk, at least. As sometimes happens, some faker will actually do a really good job and make something that people might want. For every 35 stupid lame iron on tees there may be 1 brilliant idea (or just something people wish for) to show up in there. It's a curious statistic. The item this week was a multi-pannel-wall-hanging.

Yes the pannels are there to cut printing costs...but the over all look turned out really sophisticated. It doesn't LOOK like junk at all. I've even seen some famous prints done that way, and sometimes pop-art is. Some of the more abstract but detailed background Sonic art could look really nice this way if done officially. The one chosen in this instance is Shadow aiming his gun out of the picture. (And in this case right at someone sitting on the end of the couch in their photo...not exactly the best art to put on your wall, perhaps)

The other item that went into bootlegs but I have no idea if it has to be there...was the license plate border. There's no law against writing anything (just you cant plagerize) and it had no art (so they didnt steal art work they didnt make) but it's not Sega sponsored so...I guess it still counts as a bootleg.

Also, fake clocks is now CLOSED. There had been way too many of those and putting more won't help illustrate the same exact ways not to buy them. They had become something where it can't educate the fans any more and were just wasting everyone's time because no one wants them--yet the fakers have infinite capacity to make infinite more stupid clocks. Hopefully everyone will see that 'regular clocks' is closed and no more will show up.

The nice news though, was the new GE Animation plush line which brings classic plush to the USA, where before, to get new (yet classic style) you needed to import from GAME which is in England only. These plushes look pretty nice, though I figure the Knuckles got shot from a bad angle. Looking foreward to seeing these somewhere OTHER than darn Ebay.

Got Super Poser Super Shadow as well, but the Super Sonic is still a mystery. Why? Scalpers got him out of the TRU before I could get (or ignore) one. It's the usual self-feueled scalping issue. Ebay rip-off-artists buy up all the toys in the store....so the fans can't get the items from the store...leaving ebay the only alternative...so everyone has to needlessly pay double or triple for simple things they could have had at regular retail. Yes it's a rant, and yes it's TOTALLY NOT FAIR to the fans. The Super Shadow is fine. His better point is that they made his shoes more accurate, which is really nice but that's really about it. I may modify this one with some light coat silvertone to make him a bit more shiny like the game (for the tv show) but, who knows.

Super Sonic Poster-
If this thing is legit (it looks it) then it's actually the FIRST real big piece of (non figure) SS merch here in the us. It beat out the SS plush but not the Jazwares figure. Good to see. Hopefully the place on Amazon that has it, will get more--as they're down to 2 as of the post.

Whats' next?
There will likely be a midweek update. It should cover the non-BK Sonic comparison with BK Sonic. There should be a minor collection of other things as well--mostly due to a mail dump of like 25 letters all at once. Still no new section possible, but hoping the mid-weeker will help settle the old mail a bit better.