Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Back on track?

Back on Track?
For real?
Hopefully so, this time. With a new work-around in place for newgolive, new pages are once again able to be created, letting the update come out about like normal. Barring any sort of disaster, things could operate this way until a real fix is found. (And a good thing for it, as who knows when that'll happen, it could take weeks)

This week was just a simple USA update to clear some of the mail.
It worked pretty well, but nothing too spectacular. Newgolive is still harder to use than the old, and that's even without all its glitchy problems so everything's a bit slower to do/make. BUT that won't stop the updates because...

I hope to do a mid-week with ALL OF the new Jazwares figures. Photos are all already in, (so none are needed, everyone got them all already) It'll be a much needed boost of good news for the site. Plus, a blog post with some new JW rumors could spice things up too!

In the upcoming time, I hope to have multiple mini-updates appear to chip away at everything that piled up during the downtime, so no one feels neglected/ignored.