Monday, June 16, 2014

SP Silver & E3 Images

This week's update had 2 really anticipated things:
E3 stuff and Super Posers Silver. SP Silver is one of those things that "has been coming soon for a long time". The original 'in box' post was at some toyfair or something ages ago. We were promised this guy in 'spring' or something, along with the Black Knights, but those never turned up. E3, at least, is always out when it says it will be.

Item of the week:
SP Silver. Gotta be him! Full review and all photos are up on the site. I was really anticipating this release because 1. I love figures and 2. JW does a good job with Super Posing figures. You knew from the start he wouldn't be an embarrassment on the shelf with ugly expression or terrible proportions.
Biggest pro: extremely inventive pose able boots & good head sculpt
Biggest con: Extremely generic box that MIB collectors won't like as it 'ruins' the nose & super floppy figure

The figure gets an A grade & a "you should buy!" for sure, even at 17 dollars for just the figure. It's big enough, pose able enough, quality enough, and lacks paint flaws. It should JUST be starting to show up at Toys R Us. If you don't see it in the store: ASK. People don't understand how powerful ASKING FOR FIGURES is in stores. If everyone is demanding Sonic stuff, it will show up.

Secret worry:
A lot of unspoken worry about this "JW Dry Spell" has been "were they secretly fired off of figures because Boom?" Hopefully this SP Silver alleviates the fears. SBK Silver & Knuckles would calm a lot more fears. So would some kind of talk about something new from them that wasn't already announced a zillion years ago, too.

I guess Boom was the only Sonic thing there? The Boom Booth was obviously 'jungle' themed and had more than just the game. They did some impressive statues of the main cast (where's Eggman?) but acted a little like Toyfair too, showing toys and plush dolls as well--likely much to everyone's enjoyment. Also note the Sticks figure this time around, clearly an item they were only allowed to show NOW after the big reveal for the character.

Opinion zone:
The plushes don't look good, especially the small ones
The figures look fine, but they need more joints or the play value won't be much good
Are some of the figures TOO big (that robot) driving up the price for a 'non-character*'?
Orbot & Cubot - why didn't they inexplicably change these guys to make them Boomstyle? If Boomstyle is "what everyone loves" but REQUIRES arbitrary change, they should be wrapping them in bandages or putting them in straps or something to boomstyle them. Right now they are regular/cannon. Maybe paint them purple & green and add spikes.

*yeah remember Missile Wrist from Sonic X? Got a toy, got on t-shirt designs, etc, but he was literally in 1 episode and had no personality AT ALL & nobody cared about him? (I don't think anyone cared--write in if I'm mis representing this thing)I don't even remember if the thing could talk. Who is going to want to spend close to 30 bucks for a 1 off , 1 time appearing robot? Missile Wrist toy only has value now "Because it is a rare Sonic thing" not because actual MW fans, the toy being unusually cool.

Continued fretting:
The worry is still out there in the community that Boom will replace "everything else". Naysayers point out Underground didn't, Archie Sonic or SatAm with it's Tails exclusion and different cast didn't & that the Werehog is in the past with no one really clinging hard to it. However, none of those things had Sega behind a huge merch & games push to support them.

Random question:
Does anyone else suspect that Sticks the Badger is their effort at putting Pinkie Pie Pony into Sonic Boom?

Next week:
Sonic's Birthday! June 23rd!
I have 0 idea what to do for that. I don't know if there's enough content to do "the bday week" updates that have been traditional. I also don't know if there's enough time to get it all done, it's coinciding with a completely unrelated but huge time consuming project series here. I didn't want to mention it at all because I don't know what's going on with it & what I'll be able to do.