Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sonic Back To Normal? & CG Trend

It's been a while...
But it looks like the state of Sonic merch may be going back to normal. As in, no 'stamping out' of any certain type of Sonic. Modern style tees, new modern stock art, and more are appearing in the USA, Japan & Europe. And not just like 1 fluke item too that maybe got forgotten about before Boom nixed most things especially in the US.

I have no real issue with Boom, but I DO have an issue when it stops non-boom things from getting made or stamps out other characters that people may be fans of. Just because Blaze or Rouge or Espio isn't in boom, doesn't mean they should just have to disappear forever.

Item of the week:
Mania Pre Order Pack!
Def. deserving of its place with a big quality statue that even makes noise! Plus another cool commemorative ring in special 'cartridge shape' box. The whole thing is really looking like a lot of thought was put into it. It LOOKS "Sonic 1 or 2" while also being new at the same time. The gameplay footage looks similar, taking oldschool elements but using them in new ways. Like a rotating semi-circle of star bumpers as an 'obstacle'. The package design/item design all also reflects this. I think pre-orderers will be very happy with it*.

*What's this star?
It's title topic #2. The "CG Trend"
So what's up with companies using all this CG? If you look at the 'statue' for the Mania Bundle, you can tell it's not real. It's just some computer rendering 3D looking fake 'sprite' thing they stuck down on the mock-up Genesis console base. It's easy to see WHY they did it: the statue wasn't ready when they NEEDED to announce the bundle. So they substituted CG for the real thing. Now, everyone will wonder if the real deal will live up to looking like the graphic.
Prediction: Probably.

Ok that makes sense for a deadline release...
But why all the other stuff that gets the CG phony treatment? Half the Boom stuff lately has been 100% non-existing-yet. The bike's an overlay, the notebooks are just 'art' of possible notebooks, the shoe might not even be real. None of these things have a deadline to miss or hit. Why release "photos" at all if the item's not ready to be released? Nobody's going to know or care if your notebook comes out in November or February.

It's easy to fake:
Notice the disappearing items at Gear. The phony Tomy modern figure & 'soap shoe' GE Entertainment plush. Why? They were CG hodgepodges of stuff that DOES exist, combined to make an item that doesn't. With every company tossing around 'fake' images of things that don't yet exist, it makes stuff like this really easy to believe in. Who would suspect it if companies just keep doing this same/similar/item isn't even real yet "photos" to promote?

Next week:
Hopefully Mania keeps bringing Sonic back to normal and we can get some nice looking/quality/new interesting goods & art. Next update will likely bring more classic stuff anyway or could be completely classic.