Friday, February 23, 2007

The UK: A helpful place!

I have recently looked at everyone who has sent in pictures to help out SonicGear, and found that Brittish people have been the most helpful so far!

By far, the UK sends in more pictures and helps/info than other places. I wonder why this is?

-It might be because since I'm not there, SonicGear lacks more of their stuff since a lot of it didn't get over here to the USA?
-It can read SonicGear without a translation unlike Japan, who also has a lot of stuff but might not be able to figure out how to email it in to help Sonic fans see it?
-UK Sonic fans are naturally helpful and loaded with items?

Whatever the reason, it's great for Gear! This week's update was another Brittish blowout of unusual and interesting Sonic The Hedgehog items including a Wallet. The wallet in my opinion is another one of those WTH COOL items where it's really strange but somehow awesome that there's a Sonic wallet. I guess it's kind of like the perfume. The flood of UK stuff means that the 'general' page is going to probably break down soon and spin off into more catagories.

The Brittish pages have catagories, but not as many as the USA--so that's going to change. I figure it will end up with equal catagories once enough stuff rolls in. The problem with the page break up is that as always, they take a darn while to do, and it means delaying other sections like the "Shows" and "Music" which could also be quite large/interesting (and there for would also hog up lots of time)

As for how did it miss an update/blog, that's due to the other website Phantasy Star Universe taking up some of the time as well with the new PSU content sections being worked on. PSU is by SonicTeam, by the way, and may even get a Sonic statue in it that you can collect. Virtual Sonic goods? Sounds like something SonicGear needs!

And speaking of Sonic stuff Gear needs, Sonic & The Secret Rings is out for the Wii recently, and yes there's plans for coverage on Gear, but it does not yet have a Wii to play it on and needs money first. Gah. Or a way to win a wii or something. This game is supposed to be "Arabian Nights Storybook Style" with familiar characters taking on roles like in a play, which Sonic goes through on an adventure. The badguy is an evil Genie (???) with an enormous folding pocket-knife. We don't know why. Will this game spawn toys, merchandise, or fast food promotions? It can be hoped for, and Sonic Gear will be there!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Sonic Gear Explained

Missed last week's post. D'oh.
Last week the Super Sonic Gear section went up, with only the most awesome of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This section is sort of an opposite for Mutant Gear which has the worst stuff. The worst may bring a lot of laffs, but it needs to be balanced to show that Sonic can have really exceptional things as well.

The Super Gear is judged on being "exceptional" in SOME way--not necisarily that it is awesome looking. Like, a prime candidate is that primitive little skateboard pvc Sonic guy. That thing would be considered "Mediocre" at best in this day and age. But it is exceptional because it is the FIRST Sonic item ever made that wasn't a game. If it's little story is true, then it is what got everything afterward started. Surely it deserves its place in history.

The other items include a silver ring and that crystal cube, both for sheer cost (you'll pay a bundle to get either one--and did when they were new as well!) and their interesting substance, as well as decent design.

The debate on Super Sonic gear is whether or not to include actual Super Sonic items. Sure instances showing him yellow and all that are rare, but are they by nature, super? I know of an eraser, a plush and an enamel pin, streight off that are Super Sonic. But the plush is rather normal (Just yellow) and the pin has an error of coloring on it and looks to be a knockout of an old Archie art--of normal Sonic that they pallet swapped. Of all that is the eraser, which has an actual illustration of his spikes being different and shows him in outer space. But it is a cardboard sleeve over an eraser! How super is that? The debate goes on.