Friday, April 20, 2007

Wearable Update

This week's update was inspired by the new Sonic necklace.
The possibility of Sonic jewelry is somehow intregueing to me. I guess because it's so rare compared to Sonic everything else. Also there's probably quite a bit you could do with it too, for male or female jewelry. If you look at the 'gears' on the site, think about them as punched metal plates, which could be arranged into a necklace. Note to self: draw this necklace as some kind of fan art. Or what about the Sonic & Knuckles symbol as a bracelet? It could be texture or just enamel. The symbol is vaguely abstractified anyway, and if applied to a jewelry piece it might look really decorative and good. There are tons of possibilities, but would anyone buy them?

The Sonic answer seems to be 'yes'--because apparently anything with him sells. Which brings up the question: Can you think of anything that ISNT Sonic?

A rug
A silverware set
A plate
Sofa (although this doesn't count because there is an official Sonic sofa-cover)
Underwear (I'm sure it exists, just no photo yet)
Hair Bead (it went out of style! make it anyway)
Squirt Gun
Lawn Ornament

The task is NOT an easy one. Every clothing article. Everything in your home. (lamp, trash can, bed sheet, shower curtain, curtain, pillow, sofa, shampoo, perfume, towel, desk set, poster, toothbrush, toothpaste, canned noodle, ice cream bar, mug, cup, chair...)

So why not turn out some jewelry? People would collect it, if not wear it. I admit though, that the neckalce being just the Sonic X logo is a bit of a dissapointment. There ARE cooler things they could of picked that would work as well for anyone to wear. It isn't a bad piece, it's just not totally awesome.

Then there's the stuff you never knew existed and wouldn't think to invent:
Inflatable arm widgets. Ok. Wait what? It's like a micro-pool-toy that goes on your arm for no apparent reason. The Japan Accessories page has TWO now. A Sonic face and a hugger Chao. It's nonsensical and likely to be pretty rare because they seem to be 'convention' items that are like booth give-a-ways. Interesting to own, bizarre to wear.

And the update just kind of took off from there. The catagories were scattered, but there wasn't tons of pics like on some of the other updates.