Monday, October 27, 2014

Non-Halloween Update

Interestingly absent from the run up to Halloween 2014 is...stuff.
Anything, really because usually at least 1 new thing would appear for Halloween each year. Either someone would carve a pumpkin for fanstuff or put on a costume to trick or treat...hopefully not one of those terrible ones though...
This makes the headline because usually the last update before the holiday is when the Halloween stuff goes onto the site so if anyone was expecting it...

But this time, nothing.
The week's theme was UK items because for some random reason a batch of them appeared all in one go. 2 of the things also fight for...

Item of the week:
Either the heat-change cup or the sock set. Probably sock set because somebody really had to think about those designs to get them right. Plus, I am a total sucker for stuff that looks like it is FROM the series, so an actual "Sonic Shoe" where it IS HIS SHOE and not like...a random shoe with a picture of Sonic on it, I will love that sort of thing. This sock fits right into that.
I also really like color changing and glowing items, plus, the mug (I believe) is the first "heat change" Sonic branded item to ever be made, so it's probably pretty big deal as well. Either one could really qualify for the title here.

Looking at you Nanco Nancy...that dumb doll is about 5 seconds away from landing on mutant gear.
Jazwares big 13 inch Shadow. Jazwares just shouldn't have made any tiny plushes at all if they couldn't get them right. Plush sizing is a tricky thing though, don't under-estimate how hard it really is. Super tiny things are really tough to get right, as are massive patterns for giant dolls. Finding a 'medium range' where the designers can get really on-model looks is ideal...and they kind of didn't. This bigger one being way better than their smalls is proof though.

Emerald Energy-
The USA Foods energy drinks were a fan project by product designers. It explains the expert look (its their job) and why it confused people (photo wasn't labeled as fan item/project) So this week it moved to fan items.

Ireland item -I think the stamp is their first thing. Hopefully it is not the last, even though it seems they share with the area, exclusives are interesting.

Next week:
Comics. Probably Boom Archie stuff as the first issue has variant covers (of course......) which have all already come in, plus there's hints at some kind of a recall that needs to be investigated. Maybe an old item from the old mail as well, if everything else doesn't pile up. Also with Halloween on a Friday this year, maybe something may yet appear.