Sunday, November 19, 2006

Metal Force Knuckles: Finally finally got a hold of a Metal Force Knuckles action figure.
Yes, Toys R Us came through, and there were a few MF's figures around to buy. The review is up, and it's probably the final. Since the whole Metal Force line is nothing but a repaint, I can't really justify buying the whole line again. If they're donated, or somehow the site makes astronomical money, then the rest will show up.

In a way, the Knuckles and box photo should suffice for people who want to buy...but seeing the Sonic in the store raised some doubts. His paint is -cool-. You really need to see this crazy space suit in person, the colors are much better. It still doesn't do anything for the bizzarro anti-continuity with Sonic X, but at least...the suit is metallic pearly looking.

Tails is obvious from his photo gold/silver (but there wasn't one in the store) and Shadow is by far the ugly duckling of this line. Bad colors, not impressive, hideous name it. No wonder he was still on the shelf when Shadow-everything seems to be minted of gold.