Monday, July 16, 2012

Crossover News 2: More Stuff

This week brings more crossover news.
The Archie + Megaman item has been added to the comics section where it belongs, and the oversight vs Sabrina has been fixed at the same time. However, news from Comic Con doesn't stop there. Remember Wreck it Ralph making headlines with Robotnick?

Apparently Sonic will appear in the movie too!
Some kind of trailer went off at CC, and supposedly Sonic is in there, according to reports. When it can be seen, rest assured a post will appear! And probably an entry on Cameos too. However, there's more then just that! Wreck it Ralph himself is supposed to be in Sonic All Stars Racing too! That's pretty amazing if the news turns out to be the real thing. They're really going all the way with this upcoming movie! Is it a move the fans will appreciate? It seems to be so far...

NKOK getting into the Sonic scene?
It seems so. This company was/is mainly known for making up RC stuff. However, they seem to be getting into the pull back n go as well.  Their upcoming things (seen on WantedGear) include

Pull back and go Sonic racer
Pull back and go Knuckles racer
RC Sonic racer
RC Knuckles racer
RC Shadow racer
RC Jet the hawk free rider racer
RC Sonic free rider racer
Slot car Sonic and Knuckles Race Set

(list by SonicBoy19) which are mostly their usual except the pull back n' go things. Which, become MORE unusual, considering they can be found in Marshalls. (A USA sort of clearance clothing store, which has a small, usually in disarray toy area) But how could that place have it on clearance when the toys have not seemingly even appeared in any REGULAR toy store yet? It's very odd.

This is also half an update as there's more behind the scenes stuff going on, like page re-organizing & other fixes & improvements. It's a good chance for it, as the mail was light this week allowing for some needed fix-upping to be done...which is great!