Sunday, June 06, 2010

Battle of Wills

Unknown to me...
Some evil spammer had been using SonicGear's blog as a hotbed for their nefarious link posting. These Japanese language links would appear at the comments of every single SonicGear posting. Totally irrelevent and leading to nothing but pr0n, spam and malware sites they have no business being ANYwhere, let alone a site that's meant for everyone. (as in little kids can look at it too)

Well, they messed with the wrong writer.
"Gee, no one would be so determined as to go thru EVERY SINGLE POST EVER WRITTEN and BY HAND remove EVERY spam comment we make..." well they need to think again because that's exactly what was just done. And also, the settings are now changed so that only relevent items can get posted. This means it won't affect Sonic fans at all, it'll just keep spam away.

Did that delay the update?
You bet it did. There were hundreds of posts, many with several items that had to be cleared off of them. The only way to do it is by hand, but Sonic content is once again victorious. The blog is now clean and should stay that way.

So...the actual update?
Is actually pretty much mostly done. A few straggling items to be added the next day, but most of what was intended, went on. Interestingly, it worked out so that almost every page (the hat is a lie...) had more than 1 thing added to it. Nothing of ultra-remarkable-ness this time...maybe the Super Sonic phone strap thing. They've only got 1 art of him, so it's going to get run into the ground no matter what, but it's STILL great to see SS getting the attention he deserves.

3.75 inch Amy went on as well, and she's the last of the Jazwares Line 2 figures. Anyone else will default to line 3. She looks decent! I actually own this figure as well (contributor beat me to the punch and got photos in, mine aren't used) and she's decent in person. Some people are upset by the "Center Smile" but it IS something Amy CAN have, and it looks all right, though doesn't match her box art. Is it just me or does it look like someone photoshopped OUT her mallet in that art? It looks like she should be holding something there...but she isn't. It should also be noted that she can have some breakage issues (boots fall off) but mine does not. Perhaps JW lucked out this time...

It's getting to be that time of year again...! Yes this is Sonic's birthday month (actual day Jun 23) The usual Sonic Gear celebration WILL take place!

Next week:
Will hopefully star a MESS of videos. Video linking is more difficult on this set up, so they've been piling up. You should find a batch to watch with the next update. There will also be a grab-bag of stuff to see as well, but 'video' will def. be a major theme.