Monday, October 13, 2014

The Mystery of the Really Old Thing

This week's topic is generated by the item of the week so...

Item of the week:
Sleep Busters Alarm Clock. It's unique enough because it has voice ability (talks to you), a semi-3D Sonic attached to it, and could have been part of a line of "sleep busters" clocks, possibly with other characters. It's an interesting thing, especially considering the 1995 era that it came from. (as in, it would be less surprising to see it in 2000 or so)

This clock is yet another "Really Old Thing" that somehow manages to take a zillion years to turn up, even when it was a regular retail product & SonicGear the site has been collecting MULTIPLE images EVERY week for YEARS. You would think that Gear would be out of (at the least) old stuff to post, but then here comes some craaaaaazy item that nobody knew even existed, popping up however many years after it was produced. So the mystery from the title isn't one specific thing, it is the phenomenon of very old items in general that remain a 'secret' for years, then turn up suddenly.

Some stuff's the original underwear was weird...who cares about or takes photos of undies, shirts yeah....they wear out & people don't think to take a pic of it, or disposable paper party supplies, stuff like that. That sort of thing turning up years later once someone finally finds one (because it became rare due to disposability) makes sense.

But why a clock?
Was it terribly expensive? Poorly distributed? Did no one look at "The Sears Book" that it was in? (What is a Sears book?) Did no one order it? The clock in the SonicGear collection (also from Sears, looks nothing like the Sleepbuster) has shown up multiple times. So why 1 and not the other? The reasons that "nobody had" these old items are probably different for every one that appears. It's just a interesting phenomenon that super old things randomly turn up as if no one bought them, even back in the day (when you highly suspect that it had to have sold pretty well)

From items "no one had" to a mall "no one went to"
What's up with the Dubai mall? Does no one go to it? Does Dubai area (and surrounding areas) not know about SonicGear even though clearly the place is meant to cater to Sonic fans with statues, rides, pictures & amusements? This week sees another really cool statue added, and it' the Dubai mall. People have to go there, it's probably even a popular place, but you never hear from anyone who was there.

Archie News:
Did you like the Sonic Megaman crossover? Archie sure did, so they're doing another one in 2015 called "Worlds Unite" (first one was 'worlds collide') This will likely mean getting a subscription to both books again for fans, so they can get the whole story.

Opinion zone:
The first one of this was just fine. I don't mind subscribing to both books again for the 2nd one. Also, of course, they succeeded with the first one, they're going to do another to get more money.

NYCC 2014
What happened at Comic Con?
Something Sonic Boom was there (the chevy with boom-wrap, signs, etc) but was it all old news like game demos & show trailer reels? Nobody reported on it, so who knows if anything new appeared.

Opinion zone:
It would be nice if there was some piece of news that WASNT BOOM. Boom is great for everyone who likes it, and not everyone will. Keeping Gear balanced is just fine & do-able, but a bit of Jazwares news or something non-boom related would be good to hear.

Next week:
Maybe more Music store update, but I dont even know how good the music store is, because everything's so expensive probably no one will want it. But, at least it serves as a showcase to look at the albums / items. Also shirts & possibly magazines may appear