Wednesday, April 05, 2006

EBGames faces the wrath of me!

I have hit a snag when trying to aquire the latest video game offering for

You may have noticed that the review for Sonic Riders is mysteriously missing from the site! Shadow was reviewed quickly, and speed is a goal for Sonic Gear (bringing you the Sonic the Hedgehog stuff news fast--and first!) so WHERE is this review?

That is where the story of annoyance starts.
As you know, the offered exclusive Shadow the Hedgehog knit cap was available if you pre-ordered his game with ebgames. Sega will even send you a nice ad in your email to announce this ability. Well, that hat (as you may not know) skyrocketed in price (on ebay) after the release. These things were going for $60-$80 USD! And there isn't even a PICTURE of Shadow on the hat! Just his symbol and the name of the game.

Well, Sonic Gear has a photo of the hat, but not the hat itself. I decided not to make the same mistake again, and pre-ordered Sonic Riders to grab the free Tshirt. (at least this one has a picture of Sonic on it, with his special shoes, no less...)

But that even turned out to be a mistake. Here is a warning for you, in the form of a list of events that I've gone through:

Normal boring stuff:
1. Pre-ordered Sonic Riders 2 weeks in advance, to be sure to secure the shirt which they said had a limited quantity.
2. Completed sign up, address input, everything successfully at ebgames.
3. Got an email with confirmation, correct address, and assurance that the credit card wouldn't be charged until the game was actually shipped
4. Being thrifty, and not in the mood to spend an extra $7.00 on shipping, I went with the "It takes a week and costs 2 bucks" option.

Now it gets tricky:
5. Riders is released, CC is charged, so I wait a week. No game.
6. Wait 2 weeks. No game.
7. 3 weeks, the month is over, and I'm suspicious. Email ebgames asking where it is.
8. Get a response that "Their server is down so plz write tomorrow"
9. Next day, write 'em, get ZERO response. Also no game.
10. Log on to find that they have bungled the address somehow from the original input. Attempt to fix it.
11. Log on again (remember now its almost 2 months after the release) and find the invoice now says SHIRT IS CANCELLED. WTH?? Ok yea you ran out of shirts 2 months after the game is released because you didn't stinking send it when you said! I PRE ORDERED! That means I got dibs on this thing, it's in MY box just because you pains didn't send it when you said doesn't mean you can rob it and not send it.
12. Send another letter trying to find out why they didn't send it, and then robbed the shirt because they didn't do a darn thing for 3 months.
13. No reply
14. Try to investigate shipping for the whole deal with their UPS tracking # gizmo. By clicking DIRECTLY on the number it *Electronically copies the exact number into UPS website making no errors/mistakes/type-os because it a machine* and UPS says the number is INVALID.
15. Get mad and post a blog! Whee!

Yea ok so they are making up BS tracking numbers now to try and convince customers that they're mailing stuff when they say? They are ignoring every email? Changing people's address so they don't have to send things after taking your money? TELLING you that you get a free item, and then denying once they get your dough?

This place is totally suspicious now. I'll never pre-order from them again, I don't care what free thing they try to throw in, because no matter what it is, it's not free if you NEVER GET IT. Did you have a bad experieance with it? Post a reply...

Want to follow the continuing saga of being taken for a ride by trying to get Riders?
The next blog post will contain an update on the situation, and follow it through to the conclusion. But rest assured, no matter how long the tale, I won't stop until Sonic Riders is within my collection and the fans can get a review at!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Updates Again!

As you may have noticed...
Sonic Gear is once again reciving actual content updates. The previous updates were for search-engine finding purposes...yes that pesky google search bar STILL doesn't do a darn thing. And it won't, until some of my efforts to 'get found' work out.

How do you like the 'themed updates'? Last week was Chao, this week was a whole new section 'fan items'. I figure fan art is pretty common, and there's no way any 1 site on the internet could hope to collect it all. (I think it infringes on people too, if you try) but actual 3D ITEMS made by fans, those fit in with the stuff theme, and are a bit harder to run across--a nice candidate for

Next up on the list is an Ebay tool. I've been wanting to add one of these for some time now. Supposedly, it brings all visitors fresh Sonic the Hedgehog spacific auctions right on the front page, and you just have to click/sign into Ebay if you want to bid. Since Ebay is where a whole lot of the gear comes from, this would be extra great for fans! (I mean, there's always over 1000 Sonic things on there, why sift thru it when Gear can bring you streight to it!)

Anyway, back to campaigning like heck! Let's get that search bar going!