Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Week Update - Mid...Week?

Likely, as you can tell, the b-day week has faltered a little bit in the updates.
It's already the start of the following week, yet the updates have not finished. That's because this week has terrible timing, with 4 other big events going on at the same time basically wrecking down the time that's required to be able to do proper updates for each day.

The nature of the site too is working against it this year. Like the events though, it's merely a coincidence of blah timing. Like how each day needed AT LEAST 1 whole new page for the update to work. Those 'tack on' more time required and slow up the works. Whole new country pages too...and it adds up to throw everything off schedule.

However, you'll notice that the "International" page is more under control since Brazil, Finland & Canada got split off onto their own pages. (International was getting too long/too much stuff on just 1 page) Plus, the Europe/Australia shared Colors/Colours items had to fit on there too. What a coincidence? Photos of the Canada chocolates showed up this week too--that was nice.

If you watched each week, you'd notice that the 'metal pins no mouth Sonic' from the Colors bonus packs was on prototypes. That was due to a bit of info that turned out to not be true. (That they would cover the pins for the final release) When 2 fans wrote in to clear that up, he moved, and then got more complete coverage too. That's what's so great about the Sonic fans! They right wrongs & add info too, to make the site better.

So far, the updates have had all the usual stuff like new pages, some rare stuff, unknown items, the usual crop of xtreme large dolls (whee!) and things getting fixed which had needed repairs for a while.

It's also really helped work on the mail, so people who hadn't seen a response in many months after sending something in, will now start seeing the items go on, and the replies sent out. There was a while there on the previous year (2011) where there'd be like 12 mails coming in per week each with like 15 things in them. There was just no way that all could go on. And...as new things kept piling in on top, it made it difficult to dig down to get to them. So that's what's going on now.