Monday, June 27, 2016

25th Anniversary Big Update

This week's Gear update was still pretty big...
Not like in the past with 'an update per day' celebration, but it still had more stuff than usual. And a good thing too...because much of it was 25th related. Of course there was a company cake, a booth at the Vegas Licensing Show, the usual "we will probably make this" from Joypolis (that  no one ever finds/takes a picture of) & a few reveals like

The commemorative coin gets a metal display tin
A jewelry company gets a Sonic license
August 23 will have news on it
Lego Dimensions gets Sonic in it

So, everything's pretty positive!

A Jewelry company has never had a Sonic license before...
But, jewelry of Sonic wherever it appears always seems to be real big with the fans. The Sonic/Tails friendship charm was amazing but WAY too scarce. They could have had tons of money with it but kept it too unavailable. This could be an exciting development.

August 23 News:
SPOILED! By Famitsu the magazine. It's an 'all new Sonic game' announcement. Whichhhhh is what everyone thought it was going to be anyway, so...good. The fact that it is (by way of wording) not more Boom is also good. (Actually, while everything was ramping up apparently toward the Anniversary, it created a hype train for a game...which then didn't get mentioned at all so really at this point a game announcement is the only thing that will satisfy anyone.)

Rumor mill:
It has something VR Related

Lego Dimensions:
I guess this is good. It's one of those 'spend more' games where you have to buy toys to play them in the game, so adding as many franchises as possible is, of course, the most desirable thing to do. The game itself is a good idea if you have a batch of money & seems to be handled well. This of course, means there will be a Sonic physical figure made, so it's good content for gear.

At the LasVegas Licensing show booth of Sega, they had that terrible Caltoy Tails plush where it barely looks Tails-like and is even completely the wrong color. WHY do they have that? I am super curious about this (obviously because merchandise) was there a big "DONT" sticker under him?

Super Cute:
What is that little squishy pokey stuffy looking Sonic art on the "circle item" Joypolis prototype art? I guess the circle is either some coaster or a frizbee or something but that silly little Sonic is lots of fun. Hopefully the things actually get made/show up somewhere. Their 25th Prize Machine display figure is great too...too bad it's stuck in prize machines though.

Next week:
Boom shoes. That appear to be NOT for toddlers! Sonic shoes that actually fit normal people's feet? It'll be a flying pig day! (The shoes are real, so pigs got to get their feathers ready) More Japan posters, more vintage dolls, and more from Vandor, who is apparently super into making a good first impression with plentiful nice items.