Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not Playing Country Favorites

This week's update included everything someone else sent in as a contribution to SonicGear.

Last week a dude contributed great info and photos on ALL the McDonalds' Sonic Adventure (1 and 2) LCD game runs, including the silver prize-winner game. That was darn good stuff, because the prize game was worth mabe $10K in cash when you claimed it. It may of had to be turned in or sent in or something to get the prize, not to mention there was only 1 of it ever made, so you KNOW it's not going to show up anywhere for sales or photo ops. This guy just ran into an official photo, presumably used to promote the toy run.

But before that, was another run of Brittish stuff. Why? Because they're just so great about sending things in that I don't already have! I am somewhat "hmmm" about a bunch of uk updates in a row because I don't want it to look like Gear is playing country favorites or ignoring other lands. However, it's all about who's contributing and which place is turning out more goods.

This coming update will include new shirts from Sears with a very Shadow theme. However, the mailing list will find out about them first because they're on sale and the mailing list can have a mail at any time. Other than that, a strong theme for the upcoming update has not arisen yet. I'd like to do more clothes because of the rash of new oddball hats and also a back-log of older shirts. Yes--unbelievable: more shirts. Which brings up another mini-project. I want to count up all the shirts just to see how many there really are, and then put maybe some kind of 'fun facts' sheet into the 'text' area of SonicGear.

Either way, all submissions of photos are always appriciated for it, that...and info, because as you can see some of the UK books are somewhat mysterious, not to mention difficult to get. Someone shedding some light onto them would be a help as well. It usually happens eventually, so we'll see!