Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sonic X Space Fighters: Silly but Super?

I would have to say, hands down Space Fighters Sonic X line beats Mega Bot.
Today, I was able to add Missile Wrist and Tails to my Sonic from this line. That leaves only Shadow and Knuckles to collect. will be recieving a review of the line shortly, probably even before I finish collecting the rest. They're too good to pass up!

Many people bash the Space Fighters because it has nothing to do with anything that happened in Sonic X. So basically it IS a gimmic then why is it so well done? Who knows why they didn't use the talent on something actually related to Sonic X. The bodies are somehow better proportioned due to the armor, and the faces seem nicer as well. (no key-hole eyes for Tails, and they bothered to paint the inside of his ears too) Add in more articulation, and you've really got something. If Toy Island takes a lesson from a figure line to throw into future ones, Space Fighters sculpts should be in there...just not the concept!