Monday, April 06, 2009

The Rarest Mug Appears

This week's update was scattered.
But, it did take a huge chunk out of the mail, which is rather awesome. Went from 93 to 75, so that's a good bit of headway toward the older mails and items. Plus, that means new sections/store sections get that much closer to being released. The update was a mail bag, with Universe thrown in. The highlight was likely the SegaClub car update shots, which means it got more stickers. The fun part of this though was the cool air-brush process video for its fantastic hood.

The most curious item this week didn't make the update. I got a photo of 'the rarest mug' which is the mug shaped like a 3D Sonic head. Supposedly this mug is some type of grail item that's nearly impossible to get. I'd have to agree because certainly if I've never even SEEN one by now it has to be way up in terms of obscurity. Not that it's a bad mug, it's actually just fine. 3D classic Sonic head in ceramic, with a handle on the back. I will work to get it posted as soon as possible, because after hearing so much about its legendary-ness everyone's got to see it.

Sonic Universe's entry will be completed (for the time being) likely when issue 2 comes out and more interior art shows up. I want to wait till 2, to make sure of the consistancy of the interior work (you know they sell more of these things based on Spaz's flashy covers than much else) so that it can be properly represented to the fans. I AM glad to see Spaz back because really of all of them, his style is really great. Very sega-like and on-model but he's not afraid to put attitude into what he does and not just cop stock art or some nonsense.
So far, Universe seems to have a good thing going with its 'multi character spotlight' theory of plot. This will give fans of the individual characters something to look forewrad to/collect. I say out of all their mini-series-es this one has the most potential to just continue on forever. We'll see what they do with it...though.

Next week:
Probably a grab bag again. Going to try and whack down the mail some more. But...should be adding that new text-based page as well because things went nicely this week.