Sunday, December 27, 2009

Variety Update & News

Another update with a good bit of variety.
Clearly, people have a lot of winter holiday time, as a lot of mail has come in lately. (So if you sent something, it might be a while) Several things of note this time...most importantly:

No update next week:
There won't be an update to Gear next week. It is convention season, and that takes 1 whole week (thurs to thurs) to complete, so the update just won't happen. Is it a fun convention? No, not unless you like pricey cookware and 16 hour days. So it isn't some kind of vacation or anything. The next update should occur at the same time as usual, just a week later. Nothing will get thrown out or neglected, it'll just take longer to appear.

Saudi Arabia finally gets another item.
The small bag of mysterious Karnosh Chips finally get a companion item on this seldom-used page. This time it's a VHS. The 'shows' section will appear eventually (with VHS/DVDs in it) however this one is unique enough to land on it's own country page.

Curious to see more possible Sonic Foods too...UK has had the toothpaste detail (not really a food, but) a new USA ice cream wrapper has turned up, and now some mysterious cookies too. I do wonder if these will make it to market--or a wide-enough one, see the ill fated SA1 Canada Sonic chocolates that never really took off for an example. The cookie faces look nice enough, but sometimes those 'gourmet' items can be a little bland or over-sugary. The taste remains to be...seen?

Next time:
No real telling. Mail & news will likely dictate the content. I still want to try and wedge virtual items in there as there's quite a few still sitting around neglected in the box. It's unlikely that JW will do anything with the newyears/xmas season still around and all the stores in an uproar with returns & days off going on still.