Sunday, October 01, 2006

Search Success & Hit the Books

As seen last time, the search bar was activated at
This was a monumental greatness for anyone who even remotely likes the site. Having all the gear be searchable is totally wonderful, and makes the site a real gem to use for Sonic the Hedgehog fans anywhere on Earth!

That's 2 huge milestones for Sonic Gear in the last few months. (the other being the language options which may seem "behind the scenes", but are a real big deal if you want something other than English.

But how did the Google Search finally activate, after all the trouble and trying?
It was thanks to a real Sonic friend, Link. I may be able to hoard photos and solve mystries about items, but code isn't really my thing. Fortunatly, it was his, and he solved the problem! Which turned out to be a defective sitemap was derailing the googlebot before it could even get a chance to map the page.

I'd of never guessed that!
But he essentially rescued SonicGear from the page gone wrong by finding the problem...and even fixed it! With a great tool, the page map now works wonderfully, and the googlebot picked it up RIGHT AWAY. Amazing! It didn't even take a day. This means there's great hope for any future projects and also for the other site I run.

Never under-estimate the power of Sonic Fans!

The update this week is books. Books from UK and USA as well as a magazine have all been added. This actually wraps up all the book content currently owned. There is no new material in reserve. Gear actually needs to aquire more of the books, or have fan contributions to get any new content in this area. So if you're looking for more books, it's time to be patient.