Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Plush Sonic Update

Fortunatly for fans, the things SonicGear tends to get the most photos of, are some of the most popular to look at/sought after items!

What are these 2 things? Plushes and Clothing, interestingly enough. Once again the image file filled up with new and old plush photos...but then SegaChannel (the official Sega site) posted some interesting shots of their latest dolls. These range from tiny to fairly giant, with fair quality all around. There were also some interesting large Sonic & Tails plushes (with a mystery random fish man !) which capped the update off.

The other thing that went up was a set of awful mutant plushes from ToyNetwork. They keep spamming the WORST Sonic items--it really is quite a shame. Every time I see rotten quality like that it's just sad. In this day and age there's really no excuse to produce such awful products. Sega really made an error when they licensed these goons. See some Mutant Sonic the Hedgehog Items!

Fortunatly, the ToyNetwork note is not ALL sour. Thanks to helpful friend and fellow fan Link, we learned that they're changing the way they make the plushes. It seems a so-so move as the dolls are softer, but now can appear under-filled. They've also traded off the wonky plastic eyes which could chip, scuff, fade and get sewn on horribly awry (like every single time) for 'decal eyes' which might be prone to peeling, cracking, aging etc. Only time will tell though, as all the new-types are still quite new. The benefit of the decals is that now they can't go so terribly sideways as the plastics.

Also in is a fan-plush of Rouge the bat. It's an alt-costume inspired by one in the game, so it makes for an interesting project.

The next update is totally up in the air.
There's clothes, there's corrections, there's custom items, there's school supplies. It's a whole image bin of things to choose from!