Monday, May 04, 2015

Sonic Housewares on the Way

Despite a very low item submission rate for the week...
The update managed to do pretty well. The event (not really an event but) being anticipated has finally arrived: "spring fever", the spring time release of bunches of new merchandise. This usually includes toys, clothing, and random other "spencers gifts" type items. It varies year by year, but generally spring is the time for this sort of thing to happen...and that usually counts around April. Though it's May, we've got the goods.

Even a new company on the scene:
Surreal Entertainment has apparently gotten themselves a modern Sonic license and is proceeding to produce barware. A new company is almost always good news- it keeps items on shelves, it CAN make or bring fresh design ideas to the table, and it may have different distribution types or greater dist. to keep stuff in front of f ans & easy to collect which is as it should be. So far, from their current photos, these guys get a thumbs up.

Conspicuously absent however, are Toys.
Jazwares would at least usually announce something. Any of the talk I hear from people sending in items tends to be wishes for 'more toys' and 'more non-boom options'. There's also a website teasing SBK Silver sales (of course he's not available NOW....) getting a ton of attention probably for a toy they dont even and wont even ever have. So refunds and frowns for all? Unless something completely amazing happens, that's the most likely outcome.

Next week:
Hope you like housewares!