Sunday, July 26, 2009

Figure-iffic Update

An interesting coincidence for this week's update.
First off someone shocked likely everyone else by scoring JUVI Metal Sonic early and sending in the photos. After that, the update just became 'all about the figures' with tons of action info rolling in with the mail. Everything from old to so-new-its-not-out-yet and all inbetween has been added this week. If you're a figures fan, you'll love this update!

Slipped by:
Oddly enough I didn't know there was no photo for Toy Islands' bendy Eggman. He turned into a bit of a paradox: not appearing in enough Bendy 5-Paks (the only way most people knew how to get a bendy) and then appearing on almost every "Shirt+Bonus Toy" sold in Sears. The only one who may have been more freqent was single-carded Sonic--if then. But most people didn't know about those unless they read Sonic Gear or went shopping. As a result, he's kind of scarce at this point, and should be held onto if you have him. Like the rest of ToyIsland's stuff, their sculpt for him is better than Sonic's. (Their Big was unusually good too)

Item of note:
I'm guessing the 'let slip' photo of the 3 inch Tails figure. NICE STUFF. All general opinions/comments are already on the site.

Other item of note:
The not quite bootleg bootleg game Sonic Eraser. Very strange stuff with quite the story to go along with it. Def. recomended reading on the site. Watch out for the video's music though...yikes.

Too much figure stuff/too appropriate for the week knocked out the new page again. That and an avalanche of mail. Hopefully with CC MS out and over with it'll calm down enough to let me catch up either midweek or next week.