Sunday, September 05, 2010

Super Hedgehogs 3 Pack

This week was the 3-hedgehogs super pack
There's no doubt this item headlines the update. LOADS of people sent it in (so lots of rejection happening too...) and it's bound to be super popular. Hopefully this stays on shelves a good long time to make sure everyone gets one.

Gamma Bendy Rumor-
Someone, somewhere has started a rumor that a E102 Gamma Bendy would show up in 2011.
Is it true or false?
It is unlikely to be true. In an older interview, JW specifically said they WERENT looking to get into bendy figures. BUT that they wouldn't rule them out. (they have to say 'anything is possible' because that keeps people's attention focused on them, they will never say something is impossible--it is what companies DO) However, that won't stop JW from making a Gamma SOMEthing as they've stated they want to have everybody ever on their 3.5 line. Omega would also be a good addition. So my prediction is that everyone will get a Gamma something, just that it won't be a bendy.

Prototype Gamma Bendy-
Yes, there was at least 1 made. Toy Island did it, and it didn't look very good. It never got sold. You can see it on SonicGear, and usually stuff that never came out is used to fuel rumors so do watch out for that photo.

Hopefully we DO see a Gamma SOMEthing, because ReSaurus proved he works wonderfully as a figure and there are indeed fans of both him and Omega, so it would be great to see a figure of him eventually.

The update turned out to (Randomly) be a USA update.
It will have a part 2, with more USA stuff and some other items as well. Probably will come on the following day.