Monday, December 19, 2005

Archie Sonic X Continued

It has been suspected from the start, but it's not just a rumor any more:
Archie Comics is continuing the Sonic-X miniseries another 3 issues. It's not surprising though, because with Sonic-X the TV show drawing in fans, and supporting the actual Sonic-Game like continuity, the X storylines have a larger appeal. Since the first 4 issues did well, it was natural for them to continue it.

This will start presenting a challenge to Archie, and this next set will really begin to test their loyalty to the Sonic-X line. Archie is long known to stuff their stories up with tons of extraneous characters, for the better OR worse. Will they give in to temptation here? This will also challenge their ability to come up with fun, exciting storylines that will not 'mess with' the continuity of the show, and continue the flow. (Note: this is also partially in the hands of Sega to communicate what THEY want as well)

Just about anyone (company-wise, at least) can come up with 4 decent stories, if given the right supplies and characters. However, as the plot-count goes up, how will they hold up?
I am sure the fans are waiting and watching to see!