Friday, December 07, 2012

JW Figure Flood Continues

Even more figures this week!
With SBK, Blaze Comic Pack, Chaotix 3 Pack, Super Hedgehogs ReRelease & the Classic Figures the fuzzy mini figures...there's a lot on the market now from Jazwares. (not counting the morphlites that they didnt do...but that are still figures) So now, JW adds "Figures with Accessories".

It's pretty much everybody modern...but with an accessory. Sometimes the accessory makes sense, & sometimes it doesnt...but no matter what it's a forced-re-buy of the figure, if you want their accessory. So, as usual let's take a look at the pros n' cons!

Keeps the figures on shelves & SINGLE carded so newbies can buy afford-ably
Accessories are cool
IF IF IF they've used the 'new improved joints' to make them, they're probably ALL worth the rebuy because really, the new style is sturdier & looks so much better. This is unconfirmed, as of this post.
Emerald looks great
Enclosing 2 stands & having clear stands is cool

Likely that most people will be getting some dupes because they want the acc
Not all the accessories are much good. Silver gets....a box...yeah. They couldn't of done some like see thru blue plastic psychic power or something? Sonic and 2 rings isn't so hot're essentially spending like over 5 bucks to get 2 rings. Why not more rings, gee.
Blaze isn't going to be included here (like 99% unlikelyness) because they want you to have to re-spend on the comic pack. (have fun with the 12.99 Blaze figure...everyone who's been buying all along)

What'll make or break buying these for me is the new joints.
I'm not going to spend on the gazillionth Sonic for just 2 rings, but if the figure itself is improved AND you get something extra, I'm not gonna say no.

The update was sparse last week because JW was seriously resorted, page-wise.
It'd had a long standing problem since they started their lines, parts of their early pages (SBK, Werehog) were un-arranged. Everything's as it should be now, but it did take a while.

Item of the week:
7 ft. Cream plush. It IS the largest fan item yet. Cars & trucks are bigger, but they are customized, as the car itself didn't start out as a fan item. It raises the question of where to put it, but, that question is also for all of collecting, once a collection is big enough.

A better look:
2 things will get a better look this week, and it's the Tinibiz Joy figures & that elusive Fun4All talkin SA1 Sonic.

The clothes are primarily what went into the store, thus Amazon discovered all of them, they just weren't submitted. Same with the bags/lunch boxes for USA School. A surprising selection of them went up as well. It's good to see though, because those are certainly in demand.

What's next?
Hopefully a 'part 2' for this particular update. The mail is slightly out of control now due to the workload of all the new figures & re-arranging. If it gets done, then the mail should be back to the old number...maybe high 130's worth of old stuff, then more old items will start going up again. I can't really think of much else that JW can do now...pending SBK Knuckles, the accessories & loose Chaotix photos which are the only un-done things the site still needs from this latest JW bunch.