Sunday, February 04, 2018

Tomy Talk Update

Another nice update this time, with some good fresh stuff.
2018 seems to be off to a better start for sure, with the Boom ban fading/gone & actual modern items coming back around. Another exciting page of the Tomy Toy Catalog is up this week so it's time to talk Tomy for a bit.

Metal 'collector cards'- Great.
These make the classic/modern figure pairs more appealing. Something like that hasn't been done before for a figure, so that's even better. Metal is always a big positive because it resists damage and aging better than most things. (Solid glass being like...#1 for age resistance it's pretty much immune to everything and immortal)

Neutral Chao- Pretty good
It's great to see chao (of any sort) getting made, but they really ought to have the yellow blushing for the limbs. Toy Island had it, and theirs was just an accessory. The best way to sell these is of course up for debate because of course you have to put them with a figure, but everybody better be real careful who they buy because you'll get like 6 Sonics and spend too much if they just keep putting him with everything making you buy over & over.

Zavok - Good!
Deadly 6 has some fans, and he looks good here. BUT the question is "will he be big". This villain is larger than the Sonic characters, he'll be really disappointing if he's tiny or the same height as Sonic. Opinion zone:
They're going to cheap out and he's going to be the same size as Sonic because I don't believe they've overcome their laziness or cheapness yet. They're doing better, but Zavok will be a victim.

Infinite- Looks good.
He looks pretty much like the game. The mask could have had metallic paint* (as the mask was metal in the game) but as long as he can stand up ok, it should be fine. He's the size of the other characters so scale won't be a problem. 

Hopefully some of this stuff can start appearing soon.
Figure collectors have been left high and dry for quite a while with disappointing re-releases, expensive Boom stuff, and bad articulation. Their 'posed plush' for Knuckles is pretty good but the Amy not so much. Tomy still seems to be 'finding its legs' regarding plush, BUT they ARE improving, which is good to see.

Item of the Week:
Eggman Wallet! Woo! Seeing a solo-character-anything that's NOT Sonic is always a nice sight. This is the first one we've had in quite some time. It's fun, it's different, it's totally Eggman's style with the slogan & the sign post. Looks good, will satisfy eggfans, this one's a winner.

Next week:
More expensive Segashop stuff for sure. Another Tomy page will also appear.

*Metallic paint: Because Jazwares would've given him metallic paint for his mask.