Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Section Starts: Video Media

This week's update is a little different.
There weren't as many topics with items as usual, because of the start of an all new section: Video Media. Not everything is uploaded to it yet (like, it needs a hub etc) but it is starting out with the page for Sonic X show. It will eventually include all shows' collectible media. What is collectible media? Stuff like DVDs, VCDs, Cartridge Video, VHS & anything else that stores a Sonic related show.

Why start it now?
Shouldn't it have been a section that was always there? It wasn't always that way...other sites USED to be more focused on Sonic shows & videos. Some even provided whole collections of episodes you could watch right there. However, the internet is changing, and such places are less common / some are just gone. The media (DVDs etc) IS also something that's collectible & that collectors like. It NEEDS some place to be sorted, archived and permanent, and that's "Sonic Gear" for sure. It is a section that's time has come.

Sonic X is first:
It's also likely the largest / most difficult section to finish. Notice how there are LOTS of questions inside the descriptions? Hopefully those will all get filled in eventually by contributions. Sonic X was also the longest running serial Sonic show with a many-country simultaneous release, so there's going to be a lot of media for it.

Price Watching:
Clearly, the Gear Store for Video needs to be updated as well...but, in seeking out the DVD box images, it's clear to see prices are changing. As shows age, their releases do too, and they get less common. It's important to buy when they're low & common if you want them. Lots of people have the impression that DVDs are always common, and will always stay an average price, but that's just not true. Of course, when that section is updated, I will be trying to hunt down 'best price' DVDs to update the store with / or at least illustrate current pricing.

Clear up confusion:
One of the more difficult tasks of the update was actually finding the order of the USA DVDs for X. Each one has an arbitrary-seeming title, NOT a volume number, as would make sense. Sure, it might tell you on the back of the box, but see...sales sites tend to not ever show the back! No episode list? No telling what's on this one...plus, then you toss in stuff like the "DVD Double Shots" and the confusion just piles up. Not to mention those "bad deal" disks only have 2 episodes and seemingly exist to trick parents into buying them, thinking it'll entertain kids for 80 or 100 minutes when...surprise! There's only 2 episodes of X.

That is annoying, and someone needs to call it out & inform people so they can see what they want.

Is Boom going to have media?
Nothing has been announced that I know of / have heard. It would make sense if they did some DVDs maybe, they're sure pushing everything else about the show hard enough. If it does, it'll get a page in Media.

Next week:
More media. The X section will get more stuff, and another show will join the Media area, at the least. These things depend on research which can either be easy, or take forever. So it'll basically depend. There should also be more Joypolis stuff.