Monday, March 16, 2015

Nothing Happens: Show Media Update

Nothing was sent in this week.
Not even 1 single item, could anyone or old, to send in for Gear. It brings up the usual question of "is there really nothing out"? OR "Is no one visiting the site any more?" I don't know how to tell which is which. Spring stuff (like spring clothing lines) should be popping up soonish, so hopefully something like that will turn up.

Of course, just because there's nothing fresh does not mean there's nothing to update.
The newest section "video media" got 2 new pages this week. Neither one is done, because they are particularly difficult to update. Sure you can find advertising / shop / factory photos of the disk boxes, but finding out what's on them is another thing all together. That's part of the reason why the section was slow to arrive. Difficult things with lots of research take time, and they would take time away from things fans sent...but if fans didn't send...

The pages were Misc Media (random things that aren't real show/series) and Underground.
Underground has a surprising amount of disks, including a few where information was super scarce, so much so that a seldom seen thing occurred on the site...a "non description" for a photo. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the mystery disks. However, since the fact of it is...that it's Underground, by nature it has few fans.

What's left?
AoSTH, SatAm, & the finishing of the current pages. Will Boom be released on DVD? No one knows. Which show will stack up at the end with the most media? That's another cool question to think about as the sections are built out.

Hopefully something new appears:
Not everyone is interested in the shows. I always try to keep a variety of things going up to the site so everyone can find something they like every so often to see that's new, or to be a surprise.