Sunday, January 09, 2011

Many page update

Another update on-time update with a good amount of items.
So on to the items!

Quite a selection of Japan Plush added this time. (section had been a tad neglected) Better shots of that 300 dollar UFO Rouge too, because really, who wants to pay that. More variations of "Posed Sonic" also appear. Really now...are they going to do one of him for every single stock art pose ever drawn? (it seems likely) It seems a tad excessive, unless it was to fill some unknown demand in Japan. You'd probably need a time-machine to figure out what was up with them, by this point.

How to Draw Sonic & Gang Book:
This thing has sat on the SonicGear Store page for quite some time. It IS in the Sonicgear collection, that's why the review/description wasn't impressed. Reverse engineering stock art isn't 'learning drawing'. They didn't get an actual artist to do the book. *Opinion zone: I am also extra-annoyed by the book because Princess Sally steals the show again with good art and a big section while squeezing out the other characters. She is just SO good at that.

Jazwares plush Tails-
By far, he's their best one. On all their hedgehogs, I think the eyes are what's ruining them. They're just very un-Sonic-like. really says something about him that he looks better from the BACK. Will I spend 11 for their tiny Tails? Unsure. Have to see this one in person...but as far as I know, they're selling well despite the small size, high price, and off-model nature. This could be because they're the ONLY dolls available at retail too....

State of the site:
Only 1 crash and 1 badcode page needed to be repaired. Not all stalled up, so tons of pages were updated. Still not satisfied with the mail, will try to do a 2nd update.