Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wreck it Sonic Poster

Hope you like Wreck it Ralph news...
The poster this week sure is odd isn't it? Featuring Sonic and not Ralph at all. Not real sure what opinion to have on it. Kind of odd that they want to promote Sonic THAT heavily if he's not like even a side-char in the movie. Still, anything that helps out Sonic is fine with me.

Want Wreck it Ralph footage?


This was shown at Sonic Boom, so it has a crowd yelling and the quality is hand held camera of a video. It shows Sonic as poster in the movie and some funny bits that don't regard Sonic at all. It's not on the site itself, because clearly its preview/early footage and not meant to represent anything with all the yelling. But it IS stuff not seen in the regular previews you can find so it's worth a watch.

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The other odd item for the week is "Big Sean" mix cd or whatever that is. It's like a famous fan of some kind but how legitimate is it? As you remember, stuff like 2D art (what that is) isn't generally accepted for fan items, however his makes it on because it actually got published & distributed. However, did he get permission to use all that Sonic stuff? Is it a tribute? Does it have Sonic music in there too? Curious to see even if there is a lot unanswered.

Item of the week:
Sonic Speed Star Kiddy Car Ride On
I had kind of thought these mini ride on 'amusements' were the sort of dinosaur of arcades & toy stores. That they were too 'old school' and deemed that kids wouldn't find them fun because there's so much other more exciting options around than paying 25 cents to tilt slightly while music plays. However, it'll be a good photo op for anyone who finds it. The photo looks like a producer's shot, so it's probably an upcoming thing that's not out yet.

Mega Lite Info Wanted:
Went to the store and did not get the mega lite. The morphlites are actually a taaaad better than this big thing (unexpectedly) why? Their expressions are fine. The megalite has a...sort of poor face for Sonic. He's got this unappealing lip curl thing going on, & the eyes are not quite right. There's no way to tell if his battery is replaceable while he's in the package, and the card certainly seems to not say. So that's 9.99 for a big figure that may or may not continue to light up. It's fine for hardcore collectors who need everything, but I passed it up for space constraints.

*Interesting how quality works, isnt it?
That megalite would have been considered cream of the crop back in the Toy Island days when everything was goofy looking and bizarre on most of their lines. Plus, these lighting feature toys actually MAKE SOME SENSE unlike the only previous light feature figures: the Metal Force & the Space Fighters. No, nobody ever figured out how or why those got made aside from "grab money".

That pumpkin holding Sonic?
Reminds you of Calendar of Crud any? No? That's because they used a good base doll. They've sold that Sonic before plenty of times in Japan, and yes the Jack o lantern is a cheezy tack-on and that IS the same strategy as the ever begrudged Toy Network. It's a UFO catcher mini doll though, so it's not like its a huge deal...still...

Next week:
Halloween is approaching! It's nearly October. Already a Jack o Lantern has appeared this week, what other Halloween goodies will appear? Otherwise, if the mail stays calm, more older stuff--which would be great to finally put on. The mail is down to about 148 older things at this point which sounds like a lot (and it is) but it's WAY better than it was.