Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sonic Double Update

As you might of noticed, there was no update to SonicGear last week.
Why? I wasn't around to do it. So, to make up for it, this week has a sort of 'double update' on it. The first part is for two famous girls from the Sonic world, Amy and Sally.

While not a Sally fan, the merchandise is still the real deal so onto SonicGear it goes. As usual, most of it is from Australia due to their love of making all the characters in equal amounts, and then selling them at Segaworld. The update brings the Sally Sipper Bottle and a rather irritable looking Sally hand puppet. Now...if there's a Sally of it, you can bet the other characters will appear as well, so those photos will likely arrive at some point in the future to fill you in. The last Sally item is the rarest "Soap Bottle Topper" out of the 3 (Sally Sonic Knuckles) from a line of bath soaps that appeared in the USA.

The rest of the update goes to Amy Rose in various forms including a quite mutant plush and an excellently sculpted figural key chain.

The second part of the update is a bit of a mail bag, meant to take care of the ever-piling up mail and add some extra info to the site. One of the most curious changes brought about was the move of a photo from Pins to Household.

That's right, something once thought of as a PIN is really a CLOCK.
Odd? Very.
As you can now go and see at Japan Sonic Home Decor the original photo of the Sonic Digital Clocks makes them look extremely small....just like an enamel pin. However, the larger up-close photos reveal these to be plastic clocks with tiny digital windows in the front. Just as strange is that they apparently couldn't spell "Amy" and instead put "AMMY".

What's in store for next week?
Probably more shirts. By far the fastest image bin to fill is always that for Sonic shirts. Shirts are piling up left and right, and are trying to squeeze out the mail submitions...however it's a hard fight because the fans must be notified of the shirts while they're still on store shelves!

It is a fight of cool merchandise...which will win? Only checking SonicGear will reveal it.