Sunday, November 23, 2008


This was a huge update.
And everything's STILL not done. I'd gotten up to 80 mails in JUST this one week because apparently half the internet found out that Jazwares was making something else besides the werehog. I had to clear out 20 of the things from the inbox (a good portion of which ripped off other people!) before I could do anything else.

So what exactly, is Jazwares doing thats creating such a fuss? With all the mail you'd think they were doing the full cast of every Sonic game ever in Super Poser style. Alas, no. They're re-releaseing the WORST line of figures to ever sully Sonic: Toy Island Series 1: Sonic Adventure 1.

These anti-articulation, chunky clunker figures have already been released THREE times. Every time, stores cant get rid of them because they're so off model! The first was with Sonic Adventure 1. (ooold figures are oooooold) next, TI repackaged them into Sonic X packing, and took away all the accessories. Then, they did it again, and released them as "figures & keychains". NEVER bothering to improve on them even once over the years. The reason some of the original figures were "Fun" was because they came with a ton of stuff! If you got Eggman, you were esentially getting TWO articulated figures for the price of one! (Eggman & coconuts monkey) Tails had a Chao, Sonic had a snowboard he could stick to, and Knuckles had a ring holder. Also, all figures came with 2 emeralds AND power rings. Stripped down, they're even worse--because all you get is the lame figure.

Due to "Magic Interweb Paradox Syndrome"...
Somehow everyone has magically MISSED these previous umpteen jillion releases, despite SonicGear having pages devoted to them and rattling on endlessly about the flaws & how they keep making more. So people are assuming these guys are "ALL NEWZ". Also: Where the HFIL was all this fuss when Toy Island was releasing GOOD figures? Can you say Mega Bot? Figures Emeralds? Super Posers? Why....the crowd was no where to be found. And I cannot figure out why. Super Posers were hella recent too! Hence the whole MIPS from above...

Is this post annoyed?
Yes it is. More garbage is flying the way of the fans, convincing everyone that "Sonic figures are always crappy" because the shelves will get saturated with these dumb figures when no one buys them, and the ratio is 3 of these guys to 1 Werehog. Also, because the pic of Jazwares "Super Sonic" went up this week too and he could be nothing more than a....yellow re paint! Utter, utter BS. SSJ Goku is not Goku with the precice same hair, but painted yellow. The point of Super Sonic is that he's different. I had really great hopes for Jazwares but after this type of junk, and now with Super Sonic under suspicion maybe it's JAZWAREZ because they rip everyone off.

Also: Theives
I had Sooo many stolen images. People robbing other Sonic blogs. People robbing other Sonic sites. People robbing artists. People robbing photo bucket albums that aren't theirs, people robbing DeviantArt. All to try for credit on the "Back of instruction manual" photos for the Jazwares figures. It's like people WANT SonicGear to get in trouble for stealing content off of other people's sites.

Bootleg's not fun for everyone:
Fake Fang is back again on ebay, racking up 60 bucks for this bogus plush. It's never good news when nasty companies are ripping off fans for so much cash. The extra-problem there is, it's not like he's going for 5 dollars. People are spending 60 and up because of the collector's value on him, that they'll NEVER get because he's phony. There's an announcment on the index, so hopefully it'll save a few wallets.

The rest of the update was a bit of mail-bag due to the huge backlog of stuff caused by Junkwarez release. Shirts, plushes and a mystery token were the only things to make it on. Got the mail down around 50, which was about as good as can be expected.

New section (its a surprise) delayed once again. It has to take precedence over the planned video over haul due to the holiday season. (that's a hint!) Hopefully nothing eventful will happen this week, via Jazwares or anything else to permit this section to arrive on time. It should be lots of fun in several all-new catagories once it gets going...