Monday, August 31, 2009

3inch Stalling & Fan Places Update

Well the update had to be split again.
There was too much stuff in the mail, and a ton of it was bootlegs. Yes my old nemisis is back to clog up the updates and make sure nothing good gets on. EVERYbody it seemed had bootlegs to shovel forth so they had to be dealt with because a lot were repeats too. However, that makes for a pretty poor update--as while it may be amusing to sneer at the stupid items it's also not very happy or exciting to see them.

Curious Point of the Update:
Middle East to get a Sega theme park. Well, more like a park with a Sega theme (as it's more of an arcade that has some rides) Most bets are on it landing in Dubai: city of every wacky project ever. It makes sense to put it there as people would expect something like that, to go along with their jumbo indoor ski hill and baffling buildings. Are the photos technically of some 'park prototype' yes...but really can a PLACE go on the prototypes page? Oh well to catagorization, it landed where it did.

The problem?
That area still has a reputation for "Hating Girls". Yes its likely bad publicity, stereotypes and other nasty BS, but until the area if not just Dubai itself can squash the girl hating perception not a whole lot of anyone is going to want to go. EVERYone has a girl in the family, or the Sonic fans ARE girls...who wants to take her to a place that dumps on them, or is precieved to? THAT is their biggest hurdle, not their ability to build cooler things than anyone else. If people are afraid to go to them, they do no one any good.

Factoid: The only previous middle eastern Sonic item had been Sonic Karnosh Chips. Which may of even been a bootleg food.

What about the 3 inch?
Yes, I'm stalling. Why? The TRU here STILL does not have these. 2 wasted trips too, because the phone is totally clueless. They'll say anything at all because they don't care if they get the sale or not. UGH I hate places like this that totally do not care about customer service in most cases because they could populate the entire store with chimps and still turn a profit just because they're so bigtime. Still, it's a good thing they move so much merchandise, it still gives us an opportunity to buy Sonic.

So, while photos may be up this week, any hands-on review is still stalled no matter what until I can actually get the figures.

JUVI MS- Clearanced?
Yes it's true this supposedly "Mega Demand" figure Comic Con exclusive buy it or forget it thing is now showing up clearanced for 10 bucks. So soon after their 'big exclusive tru' sale too! What's going on here? Yeah, as usual no one advertised him'd think he'd of been bought up more at least enough to warrant not having to CLEARANCE eesh. What was the matter? MS not translating into dumpy figure style? 15 bucks for a small not very actioney figure? Short buying time led to everyone thinking they missed out when they really didnt?

Who knows but DO NOT let that stop you getting one. In 3 or even 2 years these things will likely be at some insane price and then everyone's going to be whining who didn't get one now. Those GamePro Big Bendies (Sonic/Shadow) went the same exact way. Now they're 80 bucks.

Next Week:
More shots and hopefully hands-on for the 3inch line. Videos are also likely to see an update as well.