Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Boom Time

A title with more than 1 meaning!
Sonic Boom is in the news with the meal toy announcement/reveal, of course, but also with the confirmation that the show has been renewed for another season. (Which is unsurprising*) Also, the fall is booming with various non-Boom related items too, which is a pleasant change of pace from the really really dry spell of the summer vs. merchandise.

Boom News:
Show gets another season
Hardees Carls Jrs gets boom toys in kids meals
Fire & Ice gets delayed
Sega swears they'll stop rushing titles out
Boom school supplies increase
Boom tees continue
Boom costumes are for Halloween

What about the timing of the toys vs the delay of the game?
The toys must go on, and so must the show, because fast food restaurants plan these releases ages in advance. If the toys appear without the game: too bad.

Swearing off rushing titles is VERY important.
Especially if they're not lie/ it's real. Everyone's reviled game "Sonic 06" was purely a victim of that. If you dig deep and read articles written about it's production, it really exposes the 7 zillion things that went into making it turn out like that. I guess/hear/it is written that the first Boom game was also a victim of rushing it out so we got Knuckles infinite jump & however many other problems. Sonic needs to stop being a victim of stupid policies that produce bad games & take away potential/success.

*It is unsurprising that the show got renewed because it was generally well liked due to it being pretty funny with every episode. It avoided many pitfalls of game-to-show (characters not super OOC, animation looks decent, makes enough sense, etc) It is also easier to make a like-able show than it is a game, since you don't interact with the show.

Non Boom!
Not everything should be Boom. Yes it needs to be re-stated, it's important.
And, fortunately, everything isn't. Regular modern school supplies are popping up, classic stuff is continuing with magnets, pencil toppers & home decor. Modern tees are still in decline, but the classics seem to keep on coming. Halloween is still ok, because they're keeping regular Sonic costumes stocked/in production, and they even added that babies/toddlers one this year, so the focus is still pretty good.

Most of the submitted items this week were bootlegs (it happens...)
Item of the week:
Magnet set! It's a cute idea they executed well. It would be best if there was a white background set too, for white fridges. The classic style fits very well with the premise.

Next week:
School supplies. Now that school has already been started for some time, more supplies are coming out all over the place. Both Boom and nonboom supplies will be going up. Also, hopefully a store update somewhere in between.