Sunday, January 30, 2011

Figures Complete Update

Another labor-intensive update.
This time, Invisible Espio & Big Froggy finally got the full set of photos & review. How in the world BIG got out before fan-fave Rouge...who even knows. But it's a very good Big. Great articulation, good color, blank zombie expression...he's got it all. Invisible Espio is great as well, I have to recommend both, for the completist. If you don't like Big, just leave him in his box. He displays well, and he'll complete the set for you.
*Prediction Zone:
Watch out for him to become rare. No one actually likes Big, so he won't get bought a lot, and then later every hardcore collector will want him, but be unable to get him. It happened with the previous 2, and history tends to repeat on things like this.

I believe that with this update, the site is fully caught up on JW figures.

Interesting item of the week:
That Jordan Nike Sonic Shoe. Is this shoe one of those 'monkeys with typewriters finally banging out a chapter of Shakespeare?' I mean, with all the color combos that exist, someone was eventually going to do an all red shoe with a white stripe at some point. But still, the things are uncanny. Too bad they're from way back in 1995 though...makes it very hard to pick up a pair. However, these ARE evidence that people would wear a shoe styled directly after Sonic's, so why can't we have an official shoe?

Parody Page Fixed:
You might have noticed that the parody page broke pretty badly last update. Stretched photos, blank space, ruined text...yes silent revenge of the bad code. But this one was easily defeated. Too bad they all weren't like that.

Sonic Puppet Show:
Yes the puppets ARE just about as horrifying looking as you're thinking. However did you guess? Seriously...bring out the Tailsdoll from Sonic R already. One must wonder just how bad this thing was to expierence in person. (hopefully someone'll turn up a video!) Cameras existed in 1998, it's got to be out there. Clicking the Sonic Stadium link is an absolute must for details on it, and the absurdfail plot. Really? He builds a machine to make the ultimate robot, but instead it's the worst robot ever and fails right away? That's like that time when I tried to fly but instead dug a hole into the ground by accident. WAT?? Maybe it was better in-person and the description just went awry.

Still, it's totally fascinating to me that this thing went on for an hour and a half or 2 hours total EVERY day for YEARS and yet no one knew about it until today. It couldn't of existed in a void.

Nagging Curiosity:
It states that the puppet show replaced a song & dance number with costume characters. What was THAT then??

No, there's not a "In Soviet Russia...." Joke on the green Sonic phony mascot. I couldn't think of anything. GB2 Ogorki Pickles, green mascot faker.

MAYbe a 2nd update. More photos were prepped than got on this week.
Next week:
Fan stuff & fakes. The 2 sections most likely to over-load themselves & I dont know why.